After 10 Years, It's Probably Time...Sientra Silicone, Anyone? Colorado Springs, CO

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Hello! Newbie here. Not to the notion of breast...

Hello! Newbie here. Not to the notion of breast implants though...
I am 24, about to be 25, size 34B (ha! barely), 135 lbs and I have been transfixed on breasts since I was 15. I promised myself if by the time I reached a quarter of a century old, if I was still unhappy with my breasts I would do something about it. I went to college in the south, where I actively avoided the beach and hanging out with my beautifully, naturally large breasted friends. I worked with adolescents, and I found myself becoming more envious and bitter everyday as I mentored 15 year old girls with the wonderful, full breasts that one would think I'd have at my age. Still wearing push up bras at 25 is not something I ever thought I'd be doing...not when the rest of my family were D's by 18. Boob fairy skipped my house, I guess.

So I just moved to CO, and think it's time. I finally saved up enough money, and I want this for over a decade. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is supportive but does not want this procedure for me at all...but is willing to support whatever makes me happy.So, I did an unhealthy amount of research, and have an appointment with a local Dr with great reviews for April 20th.

Here's the caveat. He only uses Sientra gummy bear implants. I worry because I had originally only wanted mod profile regular good silicone. I know that Sientra has a phenomenal 10 year guarantee, which is very attractive, but I worry that they will be firmer than what I'd like. Does anyone have experience with the healed feel of Sientra "gummy bear" implants (I'm looking towards 350-375cc)?

A good friend of mine who got a fabulous pair of girls in Columbia, SC has warned me against under the muscle. My doc says I'm a good candidate for sub glandular or muscular, and that he prefers over the muscle procedures. I wonder if under the muscle with Sientra would make them even more firm? Is it more natural looking under the muscle?

Help! After being so certain for so long, I'm not sure why I'm suddenly equivocating, but I just want to know that this investment is going to be exactly what I want, I have a career and cannot afford to take off more than what I'm allotting myself currently for re-surgery.

Appreciate everyone whose sharing their stories and picture on this website, thank you all so much :)

Waiting 10 years too many...

Well. Tomorrow is my pre op, where I drop some major dough. Luckily I have two weeks off between jobs for the recoup time. Still extremely apprehensious about the firmness of sientra subglandular. Advice from anyone woth experience is welcome! (or anyone whove experienced the pre op jitters at all haha!)

Boobs? What boobs.

Although they do feel like "a handful" as my amazing boyfriend puts it, I am so embaressed by them.. I am definitely what youd call "voluptuous" despite my greatest workout efforts. 135 lbs, size 5, big booty,smallish waist, big thighs and arms (used to do soccer and crew) but quarter life stress has taken its toll and ive rounded out everywhere but where it counts. I just want a chest that evens it all out. I cant wait to enjoy shopping, taking off my clothes. Showering, going to the beach,heck, even look at the beautiful,confident women on Chive. Idk. Just hoping sientra 350s can give me that. ..

t-minus one week

one week to go...very lucky that I am headed out of town to visit with friends until the day before, which will help keep my mind off things. I am admittedly not very good at keeping secrets, so it's amazing that still to this day, only four people know about this surgery, including my boyfriend and doctor (oh...and I guess the entire RealSelf community haha!). But it's a very personal subject, insecurity, and decision, and I think that if that's the way you want to go, then let it be.

So, after my pre-op where I was able to try on 350 and 375 cc again, I actually fell in love with the 375. My my, what a surprise when I found out that Sientra textured actually only come in 355 and 385! Had to decide between the two, and it was very, VERY difficult. I equivocated up until the very second I walked out the door. I showed my doc the pictures of what I'm envisioning for myself (see my boobsperation pictures :P ) many of which are actually 400cc, and he said that the difference would be that I am starting with more tissue than most of the women I am comparing myself to. Also, I am a big hiker and runner, so he convinced me it would make much more sense to go with something smaller and more manageable for an active lifestyle.

I am definitely still questioning it. I do read that a lot of you beautiful ladies wish you had gone bigger after the fact. I am getting sub gladular, however, so they won't be as compressed. I am going for the natural look, and since I'm doing this on the DL, I don't want results that would be too obvious (I say this now, although I'm sure once I get the surgery, I won't be able to wait to show them off!) Wondering if it would make sense to go larger, or if smaller is the way to go as gravity will eventually take hold. Just want to get my full hard earned moneys worth! week to go. Do let me know if any of you lovely ladies have any advice in the size department. Much appreciated

Todays the day!

Ive had the song "Its the final countdown" playing on repeat in my head all week lol. Ive been traveling and visiting friends which has really helped keep the apprehension and anxiety relatively low. I am oddly calm and collected right now...literally just painting my nails an hr before surgery (like its nbd right? Even though it totally is). I think I can attribute this to the fact that this has been a dream, wish, hope, desire, need of mine for so long that it just feels so right and natural. This is what I need to feel balanced, beautiful, and confident. After all, like my doctors awesome staff said, my new and improved girls would probably be what I should have had, if the higherups had been more generous. I shall update as soon as I can :) ??

Absolutely in love

2 hours post op, walking around, went to the store for a bra (man theyre heavy!) saw myself im the mirror and started crying tears of joy. They are perfect, Dr Raskin made miracles happen...i already see them as part of me. Worst part was the IV as im just very hemophobic, but the cshp nurses crew was so kind, patient, and accommodating. I have hardly any pain, and the only thing I can say is damn, why didnt i do this sooner!!!!! ???

Like taking care of new babies

So two days ago I back from a 7 hr road trip where I only slept 1 hour. Took a 5 hour plane ride and slept for maybeee 30 minutes. My insomnias been rough recently, so I didnt know what would happen in recoup. They gave me 10 mg of valium just to take my blood pressure and get the IV in (as I have had a crippling fear of needles/blood/ blood pressure cuffs ever since I was 4 and had a tremendously traumatic experience getting a blood draw at a hospital). Anyway, didnt even fall asleep after that, just went to pleasant town and gave them no issues bc my nervous system and automatic reflexes finally relaxed. I even apparently woke up in the operating room just as everyone was finished and they were like damn girl why dont you chill out. It actually took going home, giving my caretaker boyfriend .1 mg of my prescrived clonodine so HE would calm the f down when I was able to sleep ( he was so overly concerned that just brushing my teeth would hurt he tried to do it for me and ended up just getting toothpaste in my hair haha i was like nope i got this). After he was calm, i took some meds and conked out on the couch with a pillow or two. As prescribed, my doc said to take my phenegran for nausea as necessary (have had no nausea whatsoever), antibiotics every 6 hrs for thr first 2 days, and my percs every 2 hours as necessary. So far, ive only needed them every 7-8 bc my pain really hasnt been that bad. Im not banaged or anything, but am wearing a soft sprots bra with no underwire to bed just to keep gravity from getting a hold of em. And I sleeeppptttt all afternoon, until midnight to take my pills. It felt great. And while this may change as my recovery progresses, ive never been happier. I know they will drop and fluff out, and are kinda sitting like high torpedos on mt chest, but they already feel like theyre the best friends ive never had haha!! Absolutely no regrets. And the CRAZIEST part is i have full feeling, in my skin and nipples already!!! I just cant believe it. Yesterday morning, no boobss. 2 hrs later, im in target trying on sports bras, just sitting on the dressing room, tears streaming down my face bc i havent been this happy in so long! The dressing room lady looked up and saw my red eyes and streaks down my face, and probably thought i was overreacting at the bras not fitting (i thought they may be C cups but it was definitely a D i ended up getting....but theyre still swollen!) will post more later. Off to bed! Goodnight to this beautiful, supportive online group of lovely ladies. Would be happy to answer any questions at all if anyone has any, as so many of you have done the same for me :)

Showers are heaven

Today marks three full days post op, which meant shower day! Honestly, i had no problems, even putting on sports bras over the head or reaching for things in the cupboard doesnt bother me. I even went and tried on some clothes, only to find out that things that used to look cute now either make me look like a prostitute or pregnant, so dressing for me new job should be verrrryyy interesting haha! My ladies already feel soft and have full sensation, just feel tight underneath and hurt to push together. Actually went out for the first time today to see old coworkers, and after a few painful hugs, i definitely noticed some eyebrow raises but no one brought anything up thank goodness haha! I even wore a tube top under a flowy dress to make em look smaller, but i guess this is what i have to look forward to. I stoppes taking painkillers, and really only want to take ibeprofen for the swelling but the doc says no bc there is still a risk of bleeding. Bruising is fading, and im putting coconut/e oil on them everyday to prevent stretch marks. Honestly. Just most scared about sun hitting the scars, because, lets be honest. colorado sun is way more intense bc we're at 7,000 ft! I hate the recovery process, all I want to do is jog and lift but i must i must rest to keep my bust! Anyway, hope all you ladies are healing up nicely oe getting amped for yours! Now that its over, i realize it was not a huge thing in the scheme of things and im so silly for having put it off so long!
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