Severe Reaction to Botox - Colorado, CO

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I had 2 syringes of botox administered to brow and...

I had 2 syringes of botox administered to brow and around eyes; within 6 hours I became very ill. It felt as though I had the worst flu ever! I was flat on my back in bed by the 7th hour. Within a few more hours, my lungs began to burn as though I had inhaled bleach or ammonia. I could not take a deep breath without pain and coughing. This lasted for approximately 6 days. I know for certain it was the botox as I am very healthy. I have never had any allergies of any kind, but I know I can NEVER have it again without risking my life. My doctor has already told me he will never give me botox again either. I feel fortunate that these symptoms finally passed because I had no idea what was going to happen to happen to me. No, it was not worth it because it could have proved fatal. I will just be happy with how I look and quit trying to be something I am not: 20 or 30!

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He is my Dr. for dermatology.

Updated on 20 Apr 2013:
He is my Dr. for dermatology.

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