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I love swelling. I love the way it blankets the...

I love swelling. I love the way it blankets the nose in a sheath of ambiguity. Did I just waste a cool 15k? Will I finally look good enough? The lack of certainty is intriguing, like Schrödinger's cat (or Schrödinger's nose job if you will, the nose is simultaneously f*ck** up and beautiful). However, the swelling is only temporal. It fades and all the neurotic questions are finally answered. In the case of a good nose job, the concerns are no longer relevant and the nose at last is not the prima donna of the face. This is what a typical nose job should be. However, there are the not-so-seldom cases of Benjamin Button nose jobs. The healing of the nose seems to go in reverse, getting worse and more undefined daily. These are the nose jobs I have experienced.

My first procedure (see the review here : was botched. I was driven to find a relief to the psychological pain I was experiencing. I wanted to feel normal, human, and approachable. I initially chose my revision surgeon based on volume of reviews. He offered to get my insurance (UHC) involved in the breathing component. The other doctors I interviewed with didn't. So I chose his office. (There were definitely other assets this doctors seemed to have; however, involvement of insurance was the most significant).

The anatomical goals of the procedure were as follows:
-Straighten my profile (raising the middle/lower third and lowering the upper third)
-Widen the middle third (provide structure to my collapsed valves)
-Narrow the upper bridge (osteotomy)
-Narrow the tip (cephalic trimming and cartilage grafts)
-Straighten my septum (septoplasty)
The initial results were appreciable:
-The profile was markedly improved (like OMG, no more peanut nose!!!!!!!!!:D!!!!!!:DDD)
-The collapsed valve was successfully repaired (yay, no more impaired breathing!)
-The bridge was narrower
-The tip was narrower
However, there were caveats:
-The bridge was slanted
-The tip was asymmetric
Overall, I had a C-shaped deformity. After a few Belotero injections and waiting an entire year, I underwent a tertiary rhinoplasty. Currently (4-months post op), there has been improvement with the bridge: it is less slanted and more symmetric.


-Benjamin Button nose syndrome
There is nothing more discouraging than seeing your nose change for the worst over time. If my current nose were my 1-month post-op nose, I'd like to think I'd be satisfied.
-Tip asymmetry/size
The doctor I went to did not agree to pursue tip-plasty in the tertiary surgery nor is he now. Therefore, I am actively seeking a skilled surgeon to perform a minor tip-plasty.

Private Practice Specific
-Poor estimation of surgery time. Both of my surgeries exceeded their quoted time.
-Difficulties scheduling a tertiary rhinoplasty.


Even though there is hope to have a normal nose after a traumatic rhinoplasty, it is much more challenging to achieve it.

Don't sacrifice what you want for what is available. After my reconstructive surgery, I wanted improvement in both my tip and my bridge. My surgeon only offered improvement in my bridge. I now regret wasting my time (and his!) on a surgery that was bound to be unsuccessful.

Don't prematurely judge the success of a rhinoplasty. Often the swelling can mask refinement (or unresolved issues).

Hope this review was useful. Please feel free to PM me any questions about the surgeries!

*Note: The posted photos are in chronological order.

Elongate Tip and Correct Bridge Asymmetry

Surgery Info
Cost: 5.7K
When: May 2016
Procedure Summary: DCF graft to left side of nose to address asymmetry issue and to the infratip lobule region.
Surgeon: Same
Duration: 3 hours
Possibly relevant events: Was offered a slightly longer procedure (4 hours) that would have emphasized tip grafts more from the same doctor. 7lb laptop fell on nose 11 days post op; however, no major fractures were identified.
Healing progress: The nose was objectively better (in terms of length and nostril visibility) in the early stages of the healing than it is now. I am seeking to change my nose (non-surgically or surgically depending on my resources).

Recent Surgery Photos

Nasal elongation is difficult apparently...
Lesson learned: If you need tip augmentation, don't opt for a simple infratip lobule graft.

Trying to Upload Photos (again)

I'm uploading these again just to show the progressive "undefine-ness" of the tip.

Hopefully, the photos highlight the importance of tip grafts. If you're in the case I was in before (having minor bridge issues accompanied with a short nose), it would be better to have your surgeon focus on elongating the tip rather than resolving the bridge issues.

In my personal experience, having a better tip (i.e. more defined due to swelling) is more important than having a slightly better bridge.

And therefore, I highly regret my recent surgery. I should have completely ignored the minor bridge issue. The result would have been better if the entire 3 hour procedure focused on my tip. At the end of the day, nothing bad happened, it was just wasted money and time that could have been better allocated.

TLDR: spend money on your tip NOT on minor bridge issues.
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