Breast Augmentation. Lopsided Nipples - Colorado

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Pros are my breasts are larger. Cons are my...

Pros are my breasts are larger. Cons are my nipples are not symmetrical. One implant is sitting higher. Seems like one implant is too low, and the other one is too high. I need to know what is wrong with my implants, and what I can do to fix them. I had surgery july 2010, saline implants 460 ccs overfilled to 500 ccs. Under the muscle. Any suggestions?

Pros: larger breasts more self...

larger breasts
more self confidence

breasts are not even. I dont believe I had much of assymatries before hand. You can review my before photos. One implant seems to be sitting too low, and the other too high. I am not able to not wear a bra because my nipples are pointing different directions, and in pictures you can see that one is higher.

I had a breast augumentation because I have always wanted larger breasts. I wanted to choice to not have to wear a bra if not needed and I also wanted to fill out my shirts. Mainly for my own self confidence.

I really am just looking for an answer as to what can be done and what is wrong. Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!

Saline Implants High profile,460cc implant size overfilled to 500. Under the muscle, incision in the breast fold

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Because I didnt feel there was any empathy to my concerns. I was advised my breasts are going to stay that way and thay a revision is not worth the risk. I feel as though I have paid alot of money and to not be satisfied is not acceptable.

Updated on 11 Nov 2010:
I would not recommend this provider because I think as a plastic surgeon, you need to be empathetic towards your patients concerns and feelings. I do not feel that I was given the concern that I deserved, and it seemed as though there was not going to be a resolution to my problem.

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