Tummy Tuck in Colombia

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I did my TT with MR and lipo 8 weeks ago. So far...

I did my TT with MR and lipo 8 weeks ago.
So far in happy with the texture of
My skin and scar but the swelling is concerning me a lot at this point . His staff is very professional , the hospital he performs surgery is one of the best in Medellin . His practice is in poblado Medellin. I'm hopping to get the results I wanted .

Pics from Day after

I have a little swelling g on the left side

One week after

Swelling has been my main concern I do t care about scar or belly But the selling is frustrating

2 weeks after

Stitches out
Still swollen and tight still hunched

4 weeks back in the states

I like my surgeon the hospital he performed the surgery is the best in Medellin. I stayed overnight and it was wonderful .
After 3 weeks I traveled to the states and one week after I went back to work . Which was very strenuous because I'm on my feet all day

Pics from before procedure

I work out , diet watch what eat but can never get rid of the lose skin

Week 5 before and after

That's a pic before my surgery
I had a sad bb
Still swollen

Week 6 Before and after lipo in back

He performed lipo vaser which he claims is the best for its long term results .

Week 7 Swell Hell

The worst I've felt so far as far as swelling
I called him about this he said it takes time. I sent him the pictures he told me he would like to examin the swelling . He is in Colombia !!! Boooooo
But I'm scheduling a trip for my 3 month follow up. I do t know if the swelling g is a seroma or muscle repair failure

Pics of 7 week

Swelling Is frustrating

9 weeks today and still swollen

No major changes
I go see my surgeon next Tuesday
Juan Carlos Maldonado

He has been my surgeon since I had my son 13 years ago. This time I decided to contour my body. Since the gym or diets never did it. He is very professional .

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