Yellow Discharge 25 Days Post Rhynoplasty / Turbinoplasty

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I would say the cons are discomfort because of...

I would say the cons are discomfort because of swelling and inability to breath throught your nose the first couple of days, also nose discharge. The pros, improve your nose appereance (I am told, you can see the real results a year after the procedure).

I had the procedure because my nose wss wide on the tip and was low and made the shape of a heart that I didn't like (now is stil wide, but the profile looks way different).

I had augmentation Rhynoplasty and Turbinoplasty by vaporization with radiofrequency 25 days ago. My doctor put cartilage of my ear in the tip of my nose. after I irrigate my nose I get a yellow thick discharge, is this signs of sinusitis? if not how long will I have mucus? also, is it ok to do nasal lavage with a neti pot?
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