I Need Help Ladies - Istanbul, TR

Ladies im gonna do lipo for full abdomen thighs...

Ladies im gonna do lipo for full abdomen thighs and arms . What should i buy for swellings and brusing and meds for less pain ? Im gonna do it at giovani cortes in cali colombia. So any advices ladiez? Any vitamins ? And should i put something on the stitches? To let them fade? And anyone did a lipo tell me ur experience please

I Chanfed my Mind ! Im Going to Istanbul Instead of Colombia ! Help

Hey ladies . I changed my mind and im going yo get vaser lipo for my whole belly flanks upper lower back and thighs . Maybe arms also . So tell me what to do snd what to prepare ? What should i expect? My mom is coming with me ! Im gonna do it at clinic center in istanbul . Any advices ?

And what should i take with me ? When ill walk ? When ill see results ? What kind of clothes and how much ?


His assistant seems very nice

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