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I was so hesitant on going to Colombia by myself ...

I was so hesitant on going to Colombia by myself for some work done, but i am a well backpacker traveler so i was not scary of going there alone, i was scary of the level of edication on their PS, but i was very impress how Dr Juan Diego Mejia. I was in constant comunication with me via whatsup for about 2 months before surfery and even with his busy schedule he always find the time to answear all 20 questions i had for him a day.. Lol

I told him i wanted the biggest implants available in he market for me and he made sure to get me those implants and hold them for me..i am atill healing. Will show picts later, he is an amaizing doctor , he did my hips and abs looking so good.i hope they stay there for ever, i do notice that they are starting going down a lil butt is not as big as i wanted :( :( :( but is ok because it was a revision and he did his best, my butt now looks very nice and natural but i never wanted a natural butt ???? Howevee that is not his fault of my booty greedy but i did told him at the beginning i wanted as big as we can possible go. So i am not too hapy with the size of my butt is but over all i am very bless i choose him tomdonmy difficult revision.. I feel like i love this Dr just because recovery has been great..
I am planning to go and see him im a few more months for more work done.

I love my Dr, he always made me feel safe, nevwe rush into anything, his scar revision was also a very good job...
I will highly recomend this Dr to anyone witu any preocedure..Inam already planning my second trip to Medellin to see him for more work done..

Dr. did an excelent job in my scar revision as welll

Hi ladies. I looked for a pict of my before scar but i delete them all.. It was just so embarrassed and look so ugly. It was was very wide and appear longer and thicker. ( like almost 2 centimeters wide ) i was thinking on putting a tattoo over because it was just horrible and even afte 2 years of having my implants my old scar still used and was sensitive and hurt a lil if touching directly. Well Dr Mejia did a fantastic job , now my scar is just one line ????????and i know it will get even better, is only been a month and some weeks.. I super highly recomment dr Mejia.. Also when i bend over u dont see the implants AT ALL.. Super soft and natutal..

2 months in a half

Low projection

Hi ladies.. I notice my butt implants projection went down a lot... Keep in mind that my implants are NOT solid but soft cohesive implants... I wonder if any of u guys had had the same problem.. I love that they are super soft.. I hear some girls that have solid implants complaining that they are too hard at the touch and that u can feel tge edges.. I dont have the problem but projection is gone for sure.. Any body out there that can relate.. I am afraid going bigger with soft cohesive again... What to do??

Butt projection and volumeb went down big time

As u guys can see my butt went down a lot.. It looks like i dont have an implant at all.. Indont understand... I dont blame the Dr. He did put the biggest implant available but WHY this happen??? I mean 560 round implant is a good size yet i look like i dont have any... Or is just me???

My abs are still killing it abd very nice, but my butt is depressing ... As i said Dr was great i did a great job. I had a great and easy recovery but results aftee 4 months are not what inwas expecting

No volumen

Dr Mejia was great but i sont think the 560cc implants from implatech were for me.. I am flat again

Where did my implants go???

No volulen at all.. I have been implants from 300 cc and they look much bigger than mines (560 cc )


Even thou but butt implants went down a lot on projection my abs still there and i have not work out since surgery due to moving to much from one place to another but still depress when i see at my butt no much behain.

My before fake butt with 650cc

Hi ladies. Here is my before pict. I had 650 cc implants done before in Mexico. Originally Mex Dr told me they were placed under the muscle but when Dr Mejia removed them he told me that they were actually on top of the muscle and no under or even between.. I feel so upset knowing the the Dr in Mexico didnt told me the true about it. However at the pont i was happy and blessed that Dr Mejia had corrected the problem. He replaced the new set of implants intramuscular and now i look so natural and i can go to the beach and feel comfident during sexual activities, etc.. Even thou my projection is not what i wanted i am still happy to have this huge improve, Dr Mejia did an awesome job. I look natual and i cant bend over any time and not cover my edges of inplants with certain cloths like i used to, etc
I am posting this pict of my before so for those of u that have now a large implant over the muscle and want to replace it in between the muscle you have to consider that it will be so different, while you will look so much natural it will also loose projection but that is ok with me. Is a process and already a huge improvement.. At times i look at my now new butt and i see not much projection but at the same time i remember how horrible they used to look and then i am happy.. Plastic surgery is not about perfection but abt improvement and Dr Mejia did a fantastic job and always told me what to expect...
I did contact my old Dr in Mexico and I sure did point him out that he was not honest to me and botched me out my butt, he replayed by saying that maybe implants come out of the muscle...i was ├▒ike teah right... !! But left it like that.. Ladies do your research very well when Drs are telling u they will go in between the muscle have them a way to prove that.. I dont kbow how thou but it must be a way.. Maybe a pict or video while surgery performed .. I dont know..

They are great Drs out there that i have seen great results for butt implants dont just go with a ONE consultation, do a few and go with your guts.. I am pleassed i choose Dr Mejia team to fix my Botched butt... I am also almost 40 years old and my skin is not what it used to be so ladies keep thag in mind as well.. Some of u have grear gens so skin may dont affect with age but i dont think that is my case..

Before abd after..

I just wanted to show you a comparation side to side picture from my before to now...from super FAKE to super Natural.. I cant say thank you enough to Dr Mejia... I looked like a cheap hoe before.. No joke.. Lol


Hi guys, inam still here with my flat butt waiting over a year now for those implanta that Dr Mejia is trying to get for me... I am even hesitate fo bother him any more.. Is so embarrassing keep asking him about my custom made implants.. He is been sweet in the process and he may be trying to get them while i am here still deform ... I dont update any more bc os depressing even taking picts.. I dont even want my parther see me naked .. Dr Mejia always respond prompty to my questions but reality is that i am
Still here looking flat...girls i dont know what to do.. I dont know why they dont make cohesive implants are firmer and bigger... Solid implants in the USA can be easily order upto 800cc but i dont want those rocks in my butt.. But of Mejia cant get my implants i may have to do the solids implants because they dont loose proyection... Mejia dis a fantastic job in my lipo... My recupeation with implants was smoth as well but just not the results of my like... I knew from second day of surgery that implants were gonna look smaller on me... Please any suggestions from what should i do...
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

Very profesional, always responded to all my inquires and all the questions i had for him. His team is very profesional and always make sure u feel safe.. The clinic where i had my surgery is one of the best one in Colombia. I felt safe at all times under his care. Highly recommend him

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