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Hi dolls, I had a BBL in July 2014 with a famous...

Hi dolls,

I had a BBL in July 2014 with a famous doctor in Miami. I always had extra fat on my body growing up and dreamed of having an hour glass figure so after doing endless hours of research i booked a flight and sx date and flew all the way to Miami without thinking twice - i just wanted that perfect body you know? The doctor i chose worked out of Vanity Cosmetics and was virtually impossible to get a hold of and like any other doctor there, you do not get to speak/meet them until the day of surgery. You only speak with the coordinator and if you are lucky (1/10 chances) you will get a honest coordinator. Ive spoken to many girls who have gone to Vanity and they all agree that after you make your payment, they do not care about you anymore. Luckily i had a good coordinator and at that time in my life i just really wanted the BBL done. However the whole experience with Vanity is pretty much a nightmare from how they pick you up at the airport, the recovery home, the vanity office itself, the way they sedate you, the surgery room, their massage therapist, their post op care - i can get more into detail about this later on... feel free to ask. AS FOR MY RESULTS i was extremely happy with them the first year and then i lost all my projection and noticed irregularities on my abdomen and that is something I was extremely embarrassed about. For any dolls who are looking to get a BBL done, please make sure you find a doctor who you will have DIRECT contact with so all your questions are ANSWERED for you and not by a coordinator who doesn't even DO surgery. You should never feel embarrassed about having too much to ask or feel as if you are bothering the doctor because a REAL DOCTOR will take his time and answer all your questions back because they understand that your body is your everything. None the less, BBL's DO NOT last and are a waste of money ( costly because you constantly need to buy new fajas, massages when you get back home which are not cheap - to correct fibrosis which is so common and recovery is a pain in the ass because you pretty much can't sit for as long as possible).

So here goes my journey ~

Previous BBL projection loss w/ Miami doctor

MOST IMPORTANT rule #1 choose the best doctor

My main objective for this year was to fix the fibrosis on my stomach and to get that beautiful projection where your butt just arches out of your lower back. I knew that a second round BBL would be out of the question because once again the FAT NEVER SURVIVES!!! Its just facts. I get pretty upset thinking about my first BBL because i was left with a botched stomach and if the surgeon would of had more care for his patients maybe that wouldn't of happened.

So.. at first i had my doubts on butt implants for the obvious reasons: high rate of infection and the fear of sitting on them, ruptures, recovery time and flying back home. At first i was deciding between Dr Duran, Dr Cabral, (both dominican republic) but after months of trying to get a hold of them and getting the most retarded communication from them I would of been dumb to even got to the DR to get surgery from a doctor i can't even have a conversation with. Not to mention, Cabral has deaths under his belt and is known to have others operate on you while you are asleep ...

Life is way to precious and us girls get surgery to make ourselves HAPPY and to IMPROVE our imagine, it doesn't make sense to EVER go into surgery hoping that i don't die lol.

I spoke with a few other surgeons too and they all suggested i get a tummy tuck to fix the fibrosis and loose skin but that is not an option for me way too young for that, so back i was again on real self looking for the a good doctor. The more i looked into butt implants the pickier i got, the most important thing for me is good communication, he/she must work at a CLEAN high end facility and have a lot of experience with butt implants because there is no way in hell I'm going to deal with any rejection from my body.

I spent countless hours on real self and stumbled upon Dr. Juan Diego Mejia based out of Colombia. He had great reviews and amazing before and after pictures so i decided to Whatsapp him. He responded immediately and answered all the 10000000 questions i had (can you just imagine how annoying that must be yet he was SO professional and took his time in detail with all the answers) . He was very honest with what he was able to do with my body - along with butt implants he would do ultrasound lipo on me to fix my stomach. My first conversation with Dr Mejia was on Sept 4th we spoke every single day and i made the decision to have surgery with him on Oct20t 2016. I am currently 4 days post op and he has still been checking up on me every single day. Can you believe that?


Currently 4 days post op, i meant to write this review earlier but you know how recovery can be when your on meds all day. I'm going to write as much as i can everyday to fill you dolls in :) I have an appointment with Dr Mejia today at 5PM to get my drains and pain pump removed !!! Cant wait !!


I chose Tranquility based on a few good reviews i read about them on real self and Dr Mejia also recommended them as well. He has no affiliation with this recovery house however there aren't too many in Colombia Medellin apparently. I whatapp'd them and was very impressed by their customer service and they always replied so fast and they spoke perfect english as well. Mind you i'm VERY picky, If i'm going to be staying somewhere or getting surgery - both the recovery house and surgery clinic must be A+. LIFE is way too important dolls and A GOOD SURGEON AND A GOOD RECOVERY = a successful surgery.

The nurse just gave me my meds and i have an appt with Dr. Mejia in about two hours. I'm going to take a nap, go to the appointment then finish my review about Tranquility!


I flew 18 hours to have surgery with Dr Mejia. Call me crazy but if I'm going to get something done to my body it has to be with the best of the best. Mind you i have never been to Colombia before and i do not speak a word of spanish. The only impression i had of Colombia is from watching Narcos hahaha. Let me tell you that Medellin is such a beautiful city, the weather is amazing and so is the hospitality !!!! The people are amazing. I've been trying my best to recovery asap so i can go out this weekend and check out the city !! It's a must.

The day before surgery i met with Dr Mejia at his office @ Torre Medical/IQ. His office is so beautiful and modern, nicely decorated and with an amazing view. I remember sitting in the waiting area as the recovery house manager was dealing with the receptionist and signing me - then Dr Mejia walks in (me and my girlfriend were in such shock - this man looks like an angel and dresses so nice!!!) lol. He went over all the information regarding ultrasound lipo and butt implants - everything from his before and after photos to the 1000000000 questions i had. Even my driver said that was one of the longest appointments he's ever waited for hahaha. Dr Mejia speaks PERFECT english and i knew 100% i was safe in his hands - he is so honest with you and will tell you what you can expect and what is unrealistic. As i've mentioned before, many doctors i've spoken to told me that i needed a tummy tuck and that is OUT of the question for me (too young and the scar is too crazy). Dr Mejia however told me he would do his best to fix my stomach and did not try to push me towards a TT (i really respect that). I am very happy with my results right now.

After the consultation I went to the 3rd floor and had my blood work done. I have to admit i was pretty nervous getting on my flight to come to Colombia i didn't really know what to expect all i knew was that my surgeon was a good surgeon. I live in a very beautiful city and you can say I'm super boogie - if its not up to my standards i will leave. I've been to other clinics/hospitals from back home and i can honestly say this clinic is like a Beverly Hills experience. They also provide you with surgical insurance that covers any type of surgical complication!!! They take care of you very well.


I had to be at the clinic at 11:30AM, my surgery was scheduled for a little bit after noon. I woke up, put on a maxi dress, went to the pharmacy on the first level of the clinic (purchased all my meds) and then headed upstairs. After checking in the nurse brought me to a change room and had me change into a gown and the rest of my clothes were put in a locker. The nurse then opened a second door which lead to the pre-surgery room (it was so clean, super modern and had a beautiful view). She checked my weight and height then had me lay on one of the beds and placed a needle in my arm that connected to a bag of liquid. After about 15 minutes Dr. Mejia walks in !!!!! Such an angel. When i say Dr. Mejia is an angel i mean that his presence is just so beautiful, he welcomes you with the biggest smile and he's so happy :) you know your in good hands and he will perform your surgery with love. He marked me up and i went back to lay on the bed. The nurse came, switched the bag of liquid and that was it - I woke up in recovery :P


To me the scariest thing about surgery is 1) waking up during surgery or 2) not waking up from surgery. This was the first surgery i ever went into not being worried for any of that and I honestly didn't even remember falling asleep? lol i just woke up in recovery ?? I had to touch my body to confirm i had surgery done.

Ladies, from my honest opinion butt implants + lipo recovery is ALOT easier than bbl + lipo recovery. The first three days were probably the worst for me but i remember BBL being a lot more painful and much more of a struggle.

What i'm super amazed by about this surgery is that my face didn't get swollen? I had full body lipo too. I'm so thankful my face didn't get all big and puffy like how it did with BBL and i've been sleeping on it all day too.

I would highly suggest getting the pain pump too - anything to assist you with a faster recovery is a must. I am also getting two massages a day with Dr Mejia massage therapist Mary Luiz she is super sweet and takes her time with you! The cost is about 20USD for a total of 10 massages. The reason why i am doing two is because i fly back home next week and these massages won't be available to me anymore (nobody can't do them like they do in colombia!). I also want to make sure i get all the liquid out of me so i don't end up with seroma or fibrosis. So yeah, 10 massages 2x a day and will be doing more if needed.

Dr mejia checks up on you personally after surgery, he messaged me to see how i was feeling and asked if the pain pump was working and if anything - to come to the clinic and he would look into it. "I'm going to be in surgery all day today, text me if anything". Best surgeon ever.

I'm sure a lot of you ladies can agree that most surgeons disappear on you after they do sx on you. Not right !!!
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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