Co2 Yag/carbon Dioxide Skin Resurfacing - London

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Several course of roaccutane from 1982 when I was...

several course of roaccutane from 1982 when I was younger . I am now 46 I am male have had chin augmentation when 28. I had YAG/CARBON dioxide pulse laser to the whole of my face in about 18 months ago.

This was done in London by iminante consultant and cost me £4,500 Result I still have a very stressed and hyper pigmented chin:( I followed all the post surgery treatment and do wear a sun block. of the reasons i had it done was to oblate facial redness particularly to chin where the onset of my acne (cystic) stemmed from.

I am very depressed as my complexion has ruined my younger life and stopped me from interacting and hence low self esteem and hardly go out.

I know I will never restore youth that has gone buy I wish I had a normal skin tone and mantle:( Strange thing is that even though I took Roaccutane well into my mid thirties it was the only solution that apart ftom downtime of drug getting into system gave me a even skin tone witha feeling of crisp clean freshness.

I use zenmed products as my own GP fels I have acne roscea that due to trauma from all my treatments is intesified to chin which looks like marble reddy effect though no pustles I would give anything to have a near whitish chin to mathch my surrounding areas. Please any advice???

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