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I fit all for the criteria for the lap band...

I fit all for the criteria for the lap band procedure, weight, psych profile, etc. had all of the tests required & I expected great results. I followed the Dr. orders to a t. Initially I lost some weight, but it went very slowly. I had my fills done regularly . My port was always painful especially after a fill. I couldn't lay on my left side at all, ever & I had slept on my left side all my life. So it disrupted my sleep. When I laid on my left side I couldn' t breathe. I gagged on my food regularly. Then my insurance stopped paying for the fills and I couldn'tafford to go every month. We moved to another state and a Dr put me on HRT & I gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I still had lost weight, but now I struggled even more. The most weight I lost was 60 pounds, not the 110 they promised I would. Before you take this step, remember this is a business that makes a lot of money for the doctors. Not everyone is sucessful. I just had my lap band removed and I am so glad I did. The surgeon told me that 50 percent of lap bands now have to be removed . When i was in the hospital to have it removed there were 4 other women who had theirs removed at the same time. 2 of them went with bags attached because the band had perforated their stomachs. I resent the medical comminities willingness to make women guinea pigs. I have a close friend who had almost the same experience
Dr Sydney

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