I Wasnt Expecting the Zingers - Cleveland, OH

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I had Zoom whitening done with a groupon I...

I had Zoom whitening done with a groupon I purchased. I have naturally white teeth but had some slight yellowing along the lower gumline. They told me they couldnt promise a huge improvement because my teeth were already at the whitest end of their example spectrum they show you. You have 4 x 15 minute sessions back to back. The first 2 were completely fine, the last two I started feeling a burning and Zingers but thought that was the worst of it. Zingers.. are like a super sentitive shock to your teeth that you feel down to the root, if you have cold sensitive teeth think like biting into a Popsicle amplified. They're so intense you cant talk when they happen, they last for a few seconds and then they go away. After the full treatment my teeth looked AWESOME!!! uniformly super white all over, I was very please. You cant have colored food or drinks for several days so me and my boyfriend planned a sushi date that night with some friends.. nope.. zingers were not going to let that happen. They started that night and lasted about 3 days and then faded away, that first night it was too painful to eat, drink or talk so I went to bed early.

A year and a half later my teeth still look great, I freshened them up with 4 or 5 crest white strips but I still get regular compliments about how pretty and white my teeth are. It was worth it to me because of the price, I imagine it works miracles if you have severe yellowing. They will make you go get a cleaning first if you havnt had one in a while, ( I had just returned from deployment and hadn't been cleaned in over a year so they made me get a cleaning first)

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