Help- Areola Reduction or No? - Cleveland, TX

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Trading these 16 yr old 350cc unders in for...

Trading these 16 yr old 350cc unders in for 450-500silicones. I'm 120 5'3 and was barely an A cup to start with. I've had three children and have lost what little volume I did have. I need help deciding on whether or not to do a reduction on my left breast (it would be an incision all around) I just can't decide!!!!

Switched out! Buh- Bye 350saline, hello 500hp silicone!!

Day one after surgery, I'm already loving the way they look. They are sore but nothing like the first time around! I can't wait till they drop and fluff a little ????????????

Btw- I decided against the areola revision And so far I'm glad! Somehow the size difference isn't as bothersome now!!?

Here's a before and after...

Bye 350cc Saline- Hello 500HP Silicone

Day one and I'm already loving the look of my new silicones! The shape is so much more flattering and full! I'm sore (of course) but overall it's not that bad- I hope they don't go down too much, as I'm loving the volume!!! And to think, I wasn't sure about 500cc's because it sounds so big. Glad I trusted my surgeon and let him make the call!

Changing every day!!

Day three the right one is looking a little weird (straight across) on the bottom. They are changing every day. I just hope they end up EVEN. ????
Top is day one after revision
Bottom is 2 days post op (don't mind creases from the sports bra)
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I'll review once I have my follow up appointment

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