Had Six Pixels in 7 Months

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My doctor did not charge me "his" fee so...

my doctor did not charge me "his" fee so this was half what i would have paid.

i had the last pixel in february,was told it would take six months to really start seeing results from the first one in october 09. well, i do feel the skin texture has improved, however the icepick scars remain so i dont feel like it was really worth it even at the reduced price.when viewing the ultraviolet pics however, i can see significant reduction in "sun damage' that has not appeared yet. so if this helps me to age better, it's worth it but how would i know that? people with acne scars want to see improvement from the top,with scars dissappearing or improving at lest 50%. if you have shallow scars this might help you but it doesnt help ice pick scars. apparently it has really helped me not develop "age spots"from years of tanning, im 49, but really since i didnt have them anyway how can they prove it? alot of money for so-so results.

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my doctor knows i dont have alot of money and have tried for years many acne treatments.so he only charged me the facility fee and the use of laser fee, his part was free,but i kknow most people pay double.so i cant say its worth it.

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