Finally Getting the Nose I've Always Wanted! - Cleveland, OH

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Hi everyone! I've never done anything like this,...

Hi everyone! I've never done anything like this, and other than my wisdom teeth, this is my first surgery ever! I have a little over two months until my surgery and I am super excited but also nervous. I have already had 2 consultations with my doctor and I think he has a good grasp on what I am looking for. I am going to be getting what is called an "ethnic rhinoplasty". Basically my goals are to remove a bump on the bridge of the nose, better tip definition, and overall make the nose less wide from the front view. I have some sort of phone appointment in mid- December to go over my health history, has anyone else ever had that? Anyways, I am super excited but of course all of those scary thoughts are going through my head, but trying to stay positive!! Excited to update you guys along the way!

Some pictures of current nose

Sorry the lighting is bad on the front view, but you can see from the side view the bump!

Couple more before pics

Couple more pics of my nose right now. For privacy purposes I crop as much of my face out as possible :)

Few more before pictures

Couple more pictures of me to see what it looks like with the rest of my face!

Family Acceptance???

So, my whole family supports my decision to get rhinoplasty other than my dad. My dad does not like plastic surgery and had a huge issue with my sister even getting lip injections. I texted him about a month and a half ago to let him know I would be getting the surgery and he never responded. I speak to him almost every day but he doesn't bring up the surgery. My surgery is 4 weeks away and I definitely want to bring it up again before, I just don't want him to make me feel guilty or talk me out of it. I really don't want to upset my dad and I know I should do what makes me happy, I just don't want him to be disappointed in the process. Any advice/experience on how I can approach the situation??
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