Labiaplasty W/Clitoral Hood Reduction - Cleveland, OH

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I had a labiaplasty with clitoral hood reduction...

I had a labiaplasty with clitoral hood reduction performed by Dr. Medalie in Cleveland, OH on June 9, 2016. The procedure went well but the local anesthetic HURT. That was the worst part... Until my car ride home. The incisions hurt very badly and if I move a certain way, pain is easily 8/10. I bought baby wash and lotion, bacitracin, bactine, organic postpartum mommy bottom spray, and thin pad liners. The Percocet medication has made me very sick and I'm unable to eat. So I'm trying to get off of that as soon as possible. I have to sleep on my back with a pillow underneath my bottom with my legs spread a bit because it hurts to shut them. I have quite a bit of bruising and swelling.

The essentials!

Here are some essentials that I keep at my nightstand. All of my medications, creams, lotions, pads, plus some snacks and water. Not showing my spray bottle, baby wash, and baby wipes. I keep that stuff in the bathroom. I use the spray bottle and a baby wipe when I use the restroom to make sure I clean myself up well, then reapply Bactine and bacitracin.

Day two.

A lot less pain today. Still have a lot of bruising and swelling. I've been using Bactine and it seems to be working pretty well. After the Bactine dries, I then apply Bacitracin and wear a thin pad with my underwear. I took a shower just like normal but cleaned my incisions after with baby wash and q-tips. Bash wash and baby lotion decrease swelling so it feels amazing. Overall it is going pretty well. I even went to the gym today and worked out my biceps, triceps, and shoulders ;) I was going stir crazy just laying around. Haha

Day three post-op.

Swelling is getting better but very itchy! Still a bit painful to move certain ways.
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