5'9" 125 Lbs Starting with FLAT 34AA Hoping for Full C 375cc - Cleveland, OH

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I've always had small breasts, but I'm tall and...

I've always had small breasts, but I'm tall and thin and they've always been ok for my body. Before kids I was a nice 34b. While pregnant they maybe went up to a 34c. After nursing 3 babies for over a year each, I'm left with nothing but a sad sad nipple. No breast, no crease, nothing. It's embarrassing to even take my shirt off in front of my husband. I don't feel womanly and I don't feel sexy. I'm sick of always having to wear padded tops. I'm having my procedure done in five days and getting 375 cc silicone under the muscle. Because of my lack of breast tissue and crease, my PS first suggested saline through the areola. He later decided that silicone would be a better option since my areola a are too small for a good incision. So we are now going with an under the breast incision. I can't wait!

Some before pics

Such sad before photos. I really have nothing to hold up or fill out anything. I work out and keep my body in shape, but my poor chest gets smaller and smaller ????

4 more days!!

So it's my last weekend boobless!! Yay! I'm trying to get a few things to prepare but I don't exactly know what I need that I don't already have! The dr said I would be given a bra after the surgery to wear home but of course I couldn't help buying a few new ones! I grabbed a few sport bras that were on clearance at Walmart. Just getting size mediums bc I have no idea what size I'll end up. I can always return them later too. I also picked up some frozen peas and an aloe plant lol. I'm really just going to try to follow the rapid recovery secret recipe as best as I can and at the same time rest as much as I can while I have my husband to help with the girls for the first four days. Tomorrow I'll do grocery shopping Monday is laundry and sheets...even though I'm sure I'll be doing laundry every day as usual. Tuesday my cleaning lady comes, and Wednesday I'll get everything set up for the sitters in Thursday!!! The countdown begins!

2 more days!

Well only two more days until my BA!! Not much left to do now. I feel as prepared as I can be :). Attaching some photos from my Drs 3-d imaging. 325 and 375. I don't see much of a difference so I chose the 375 since everyone always says they wish they would've gone bigger. If mine turn out like this I will be extremely happy!!


I received my call from the hospital today and my check in time is at 10am!!!! I'm so excited. I'm also so glad that I don't have super strict dietary restrictions! Some ladies I know can't have anything after midnight, but this hospital allows water, black coffee, clear juices, jello, Gatorade, tea and carbonated beverages up to two hours before check in. So at least I will be able to have a nice black coffee and jello breakfast before I go in. I'm not really feeling very nervous yet, I did have a little bit of a hard time sleeping last night. Not sure if that's because of the anxiety or just my normal sleep problems. Anyways, this time tomorrow I'll be in boobyland! Yay!

Day 1 PO Rapid Recovery

I made it! I was a nervous wreck yesterday but somehow managed to get through the surgery. I cried to every single person I talked to at the hospital lol. The check in lady, the first nurse, the second nurse, my dr, the anesthesiologist...my husband everyone!! Finally they gave me something to relax in my IV and wheeled me into the operating room. The last thing I remember is some nice old man putting warm blankets on me because I told him the room was cold. Next thing I knew I woke up in the recovery room and the nurse gave me crackers and ice chips. I kept looking down my gown. They look good! I'm glad I went with the largest size my dr would recommend. I got 375 smooth round high profile. I felt ok all day yesterday just groggy and out of it. A little pain in my incisions. I tried to lie down right when I got home but was never able to completely doze off. Got up, ate some pizza and started my arm exercises. I didn't sleep very well last night, but was able to get up and go to the bathroom myself and everything. This morning I got up, made myself some breakfast, took a shower and got dressed. Went to my first post op appointment and the dr said everything went perfect yesterday and looked great! At home resting now. Feel so much better today. I'm sure each day will continue to improve :)


3 days pot op and I'm feeling great. I can definitely see changes already! The day of surgery they were much tighter and flatter and now they are already starting to soften up and drop. I'm trying to wean myself off the norco today and trying to take only the ibuprofen. I feel fine so I don't think it will be a problem. I just took my 3rd shower since surgery and am able to wash my hair and shave with no issues...well a few issues with shaving under my arms because I'm just not used to doing that with boobs in the way!!! Lol. I have full range of motion with my arms and can raise them up with no pain at all. We went and did Mother's Day cake decorating yesterday and to a little carnival with my kids and I was fine the entire time. So pleased with the results and the surgery so far.

6 days post op

Wow I'm almost at a week already! I'm feeling really good, still trying to relax as much as I can and take it easy, which any mom will tell you is impossible to do with little ones! I'm just taking the ibuprofen during the day now and I'll take one norco at bedtime. I'm so glad I did this and feel like they're looking good already! I'll see the dr on Friday to take out my stitches I think.


Pics seem to be gone. Here's from the beginning

375 cc under silicone high profile

Some of these pics aren't showing up

8 dpo

Had my second post op appointment today. The dr removed my bandages and said everything was looking good. He wants me to wear a comfortable bra pretty much 24/7. I guess since my breasts are larger than they ever have been and my skin is so thin, there's more of a chance for them to go too low. He said it would be a very low chance, but they could. And that's all fine with me because right now they feel better being in something with a little support than nothing anyways. My scars are looking pretty good. A little bumpy but he said that will go away. The actual incision line is so thin and I think will fade quickly. He gave me the biocorneum scar cream to apply twice a day. All in all, I'm very happy with everything. Yesterday and today I have felt pretty much normal. No pain, not much tightness, just feeling good and loving my new boobs!


Just had to post because I am loving my new girls! Such a difference one week makes!


Just a couple quick before and after pics in the striped dress. I'd say I fill it out much better now!

2 weeks post op

I can't believe it's been two weeks already! Holy cow. That's gone by fast. I'm still loving my new boobs. Have no issues with the size or shape! I'm feeling great and sometimes forget that I've even just recently had surgery! I've been trying to sleep on my side a little, which still just doesn't feel right. But the more I do it, the better it gets. I've been pushing them together like the dr told me to do too. I'm not sure if it's making much of a difference though. I think they're already in the right place anyway. Adding a few new pics of 2 weeks post op. My incisions are the only parts that are still a little sore. Once that goes away, everything will be perfect!


My sister is 9 months pregnant and due anytime. Since she's not planning on wearing her bikinis anytime soon, she sent me all of her VS ones so I could get an idea of what size I need to buy. They're having a big 40% off sale right now so I want to grab a few. Especially since they're discontinuing their swim line next year :(

3 weeks post op

Everything is going just dandy over here. I do t have much to update. I'm not seeing too many changes lately, I think they have probably dropped as much as they are going to and all the swelling is gone. They are feeling pretty soft already too, but I know they will still get much softer. I'll see the dr next week mid week and then we leave for our beach vacation! Can't wait! I'm so happy the weather is finally warm so I can wear all the cute tops I want now! I like that they are the perfect size to play up or down depending on what I'm wearing. So happy.

4 weeks post op today

Hi all. I'm 4 weeks post op today and feeling great! I went to see the dr yesterday and he said I look perfect. He recommends that I now wear a nice, supportive bra for the next two months to keep them right where they are. He told me that by month 3, there should be enough scar tissue formed to anchor them in place. So I just have to kind of secure them there until then! I've just mainly been wearing really light sports bras and bralettes, so I guess I'm going to have to venture back to VS and pick out something with a little more support. I'm a little excited and a little nervous to be measured and find out what my size is!! Leaving for vacay tomorrow. I was so excited to but some strappy new tops and dresses and actually be able to fill them out! The dr also looked at my incisions and said they are looking great too and will get even better. He said they're a little bumpy because he used some longer lasting sutures due to how thin I am and lack of tissue I had, so that makes sense. I can see the razor thin line he cut and I'm sure it will end up barely noticeable once completely healed. Oh, and he also said I'm cleared for all normal activity now including working out, woo hoo!
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