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I am a mother of five children, all of whom were...

I am a mother of five children, all of whom were breastfed until they were toddlers. 46 years old 5'7" tall 135 lbs (lost 25 lbs over the last few months) Currently a 34C bra I was small breasted as a young woman 34A-B. As a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding my children, I got larger and wore a 36C-D. Once my last child was weaned and I subsequently lost 25 lbs., I also lost breast volume. I am having a breast augmentation on April 26, 2016 with Dr Jason Leedy in the Cleveland area. I have had two consultations with Dr. Leedy and have found him to be very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. His staff members are very sweet and welcoming both over the phone and in person. He has been patient with my numerous questions and also those of my husband. My goals are to reestablish lost breast volume and have large breasts again. I am hoping to have 550 hp implants as I am tall and have a wide ribcage. I would like to looks more proportionate and womanly. For the last few years I have been wearing the VS bombshell padded bra that adds two cup sizes. I am tired of "taking my breasts off" at night and would like to lose the ultra padded bras and be more comfortable naked. Most of my friends think I am large breasted because the bra makes me look like I am a DD cup. I would like my breasts to be large and have the soft "W" look where they are close together, making a nice cleavage. The only person who knows I am having a BA is my husband. (And of course, Dr. Leedy and his staff. you. :))

Count Down and Wish Boobs

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday with Dr. Leedy as well as my pre-op testing. Everything went quite well. I am paid in full and looking forward to surgery in less than three weeks! Dr. Leedy is going to use 550HP. Is it greedy to wish I could go 600? I do not want less than 550 but would be happy even a little bigger. Here are some wish boobs. I like the large, soft W look. Nice and perky yet squishy.

Ten days from surgery-Before photos

Here are my before photos. Keep in mind that I have been wearing an uber padded bra daily for a couple of years so the photo of me in the padded bra does not look a whole lot different than the one with the 550 sizers. Have I mentioned how very excited I am to have this done? I have never done anything for myself as I have been raising my children and either pregnant or nursing for almost twenty years. I feel a little selfish but oh well.

Nervous but so excited!

The hospital called. My surgery time is at 8 AM tomorrow morning! I'm so excited but also very nervous. Not actually sure what I'm most worried about. I think I am choosing a good size for my frame and I also feel well prepared. I know I am in good hands with Dr. Leedy. Say a little prayer for me if you would!

Day of Surgery

Hello my friends, Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts. My surgery is complete and I am happy to be through it. I was very nervous about going under anesthesia but all went well. I am achy and sore but not in excruciating pain or anything. I would say my pain level is about 3/10. It's more discomfort than pain. Riding in the car was challenging because I had to put my seatbelt behind me so it didn't cut across my breasts. Now I am in bed with ice packs on my breasts. My husband is getting food for us as we speak. I am famished!

Dr Leedy and his nursing staff were so friendly and positive today. He really is a true professional and has a very nice bedside manner. I am happy I chose him as my plastic surgeon.

Here are some quick pics of me with my new girls.

Rapid recovery BA?

My surgeon, Dr. Leedy, told me in my initial consultation that his method of BA was called rapid recovery. He explained that this method allows almost no blood loss or damage to the tissues. Patients are encouraged to lift their arms over their heads five times an hour after surgery to eliminate the muscle spasms normally associated with BA. I thought this would be worth a try.

When I woke from surgery, I slowly started moving to assess my pain level. As I mentioned yesterday, my pain was very light even immediately after. It was more sore and tight rather than actual pain. It felt similar to when my milk came in when nursing.

All day yesterday I did the arm raises as I was encouraged by my doctor. I slept on my back propped up with pillows last night and feared waking on the dreaded second day that many people say is the worst. All I can say is that day has arrived and I feel fantastic. I have done two sets of arm lifts already today and iced for twenty minutes. I have full range of motion and am so pleased. I am, however, being very careful not to lift anything heavy which my doctor cautioned against. I have taken two ibuprofen since surgery but no narcotics. I would say my second day pain level is a one of ten. I only gave it a one because the side of my boobs under my armpits are a little tender from the size of my implants. I am so happy for the (almost) pain free recovery.

That being said, the tummy bloat from anesthesia is real, girlfriends. I look like I am four months pregnant. Or like I am a little pot bellied pig. :)

Second Day photos

Day 3 post op

Today I am feeling less swollen though my left side is still higher and firmer than my right. I am still doing the 5 arm lifts every hour, pressing my biceps to my ears. I've noticed my right breast makes a little sloshing sound when I do them. I've heard this is normal but I do hope it goes away in time. It is a strange sensation.

Did most of you go braless in the early days after surgery? I have been sleeping braless but wearing a soft bralette during the day under a button down shirt.

I am still taking ibuprofen not because there is any more pain but because I understand it is helpful to reduce swelling. I am also still taking Arnica orally and using the arnica gel on my breasts at night.

Everything is going well and I love my new breasts. It's like Christmas every time I look in the mirror!

One week post op

The last few days have gone quickly and easily. I did end up with some light bruising under my left boob at the incision line. I'm not sure how it happened but it showed up overnight between day three and four. My breasts feel heavier at the bottom over the last couple of days so maybe it is from the increased weight on the crease and incision? No idea.

Tomorrow is my second post op appointment with my doctor in which I believe I am supposed to have my stitches taken out. At the last post op appointment he gave me a band to wear at the top of my breasts sad said I could wear it if I wanted to. I wore it to bed twice but am not a fan of wearing it during the day.

I hope my incisions look ok. I haven't seen them yet since I am still wearing the dressing from surgery.

After one week post op appointment

So, funny thing. Apparently, I dreamt that I was supposed to have all my stitches taken out today. When I went for my postop appointment on the day after surgery, I was still a little loopy. I actually barely remember the appointment. I remember Dr. Leedy describing in detail how he was going to make a snip at the end of one of my stitches and pull out a long length of thread the same way you unravel a sweater and that it wouldn't hurt. Except, apparently, that conversation never took place! I went in today fully expecting him to take out my stitches like I dreamt. I had been nervous about it and it was all for nothing. He took off my dressings and did make a tiny snip in one stitch at the end of each of my incisions. But that was all. He did not pull out some long length of thread like I expected. :-) I must've dreamt that part. He actually looked at me funny when I asked him if that was what he was going to do. He explained that all of my stitches were internal and that my incisions looked good. He gave me scar cream to use twice daily. Here I have been worried for nothing!
It does feel really good to have the bandages removed.

He also advised me to wear my band at the top of my breasts sometimes so they begin to fall. I am going to wear it to bed at night because it is pretty difficult to hide during the day. He also asked me to squeeze them together a bit and told me it would be best if I did not wear a bra. Definitely did not want me wearing any sports bras. The goal is to get them to drop.

I still don't know how to take side pics to show projection without my arms being in the way. Even the pics of my scars are wonky but you get the idea.

Two weeks post op 550HP

Hi there, I waited until today to post. I have found myself feeling a little down in the dumps this past week. I understand that is normal but it is still difficult. Nonetheless, I am still very happy with the results of my surgery and with my new breasts. I think I am feeling impatient with the dropping and fluffing process. The main reason for this is that I am finding it very difficult to dress each day due to the odd, square-on-top shape of my breasts. I can't wear a tank or a t- shirt at all because the slope is peculiar looking and because I don't have any bras that fit now other than bralettes and a sports bra I bought (which my surgeon said not to wear right now). I have not gone bra shopping because I know it is too early. I have some older VS lightly padded bras in 34DD that don't fit at all anymore. So I have been wearing the same two flannel shirts for the past two weeks without a bra underneath. The weather here has been nice and I would like to be able to dress for the temperature rather than wearing the flannels. You would think that by going braless and wearing the strap for eight hours every night, my breasts would be dropping but I am just not seeing it. I cannot seem to take a good photo of them because doing so makes one side larger because my arm is raised. My breasts are getting softer so that is good. My scars are not as sore now either. The other day I wore a set of those breast petal stickers under a sundress to church which worked out well until it was time to take them off. I did not realize how tender my nipples were until I tried to do that. Very painful. I have appreciated women like Anna1989 because she has continued posting for several years after her surgery. I think that is helpful. I intended to do the same to help other women to see the results long term but I find myself getting discouraged because of my photo taking problem (any tips would be appreciated) and also because I keep looking at people's reviews and photos two weeks post op and wondering why they look so good and further along than I do. So, subsequently, I've been trying to limit my time here and just live my normal, fairly mellow life. It is odd now to settle into regular life when I've been planning and obsessing here on Realself for so many months. It's kind of like planning a wedding and when the wedding is over your life adjusts somewhat. I did out in my vegetable garden this past weekend so that is good. :) Yes, I wore my flannel. Haha I hope all of you are doing well!

My pity party is officially over :)

Thanks for listening to my complaints earlier. I normally am not a complainer but I really did vent that last post. I decided today to do a little retail therapy and got a couple things that fit and look nice. The top is from American Eagle as is the bralette under it. I couldn't pass up the Fergie sandals on clearance either. Feeling much better and hope my spirits are on the way up for good now. I really do love my improved boobs. They are way better than a month ago and will only get better! I just need to be patient. :)

Three weeks post op

Things are going well here. I am starting to drop ever so slightly. My left side is a little behind. I've been going braless most days or wearing a light weight bralette. I wear the strap to bed. My breasts are still a little achy sometimes at the end of the day but my incisions don't hurt anymore. I can even press on them and they don't hurt a bit. I feel so much prettier with my new boobs, so much more feminine and attractive. I feel more confident naked which was one of the hopes I had in getting this done. Over the last year I have lost about 30 pounds. I still have another ten or so to go. I carry it all in my tummy which is a mess of stretch marks due to all of my pregnancies (10 in total over 24 years). I only carried five of those babies to term. Carrying them and nursing them wreaked havoc on my body. I actually wear a size 2 pants, long tall legs, so that will give you an idea of my body shape. All tummy and breasts now. So this summer I will be working on losing as much of my tummy as possible and toning as much as I can. It will never be like it was when I was twenty, before kids, but it can be better. Now that I have such nice breasts I would like to look the best I can. I've been enjoying getting a few new swim tops though I may not ever wear them out of my bedroom. Lol! I haven't worn a two piece in literally twenty years. I bought some swim shorts to go with the tops though I'm thinking maybe a monokini might be better at hiding the stretch marks around my belly button. All in all I am so happy with my new look. Every morning I wake up and look down quickly to see if they are still there and it is not a dream! :)

Five weeks PO 550HP

Hi friends, I am loving the shape of my breasts now at five weeks. The slope is more natural and the cleavage is beautiful to me. They are dropping more and looking more natural every day. However, I do miss the size being bigger due to the post op swelling. I don't miss the odd shape but the size was nice then. I sometimes wish I had gone bigger so that without a bra they would still look large in clothes. With a bra it is not a problem at all. I love them naked, just not braless with clothes. I was hoping to be able to wear a tank or dress alone occasionally and still look busty. As it stands I look pretty average sized without a bra wearing clothes. With a bra I look quite large. I have been wearing a supportive bra lately because Doctor Leedy mentioned that when I like where they are, I can begin to support them. I don't want mine to drop much more because I have age working against me whereas someone who is in their twenties might only have gravity to contend with. I haven't gone anywhere other than Victoria's Secret to be sized. I understand their sizing is usually one size generous but I am measuring 34DDD there. So probably DD at a department store. My scars look good. Dr. Leedy was pleased with them. My boobs are finally soft and feel very natural. My husband and I have been having a lot of fun with them. Ahem ;) I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying your summer months!

Two months post op

Hi ladies,

The past two months have passed so quickly. I am very pleased with my boobs but haven't noticed much difference in them, maybe since I see them every day. Sometimes they look enormous to me and other times they look average. Overall, I love them much more than my before photos.

I have purchased a few bras in a 36DDD from Victoria's Secret. I am not certain that is an accurate size for me as my band under bust measures 33" and my bust measures 41 1/2". I think I actually should be wearing a 34DDDD but they don't make that size and, out here in rural Ohio, there aren't many options on bra stores. I know I could order one online but I fear it won't fit and I will have to ship back and have all that hassle.

For the first time in 26 years, I wore a bikini this summer. I bought some black snug fitting shorts as bottoms since my tummy is covered in stretch marks due to my numerous pregnancies. With the shorts co wrong my problem area and having my new boobs, I actually feel confident and pretty again at the pool. It is a great feeling. :)

Here are some photos of me in clothes and out. My right side has dropped some and is fluffing but the left side is still a bit behind. My scars are doing well. Had a tiny red bump which hurt on my left side a week or so ago but it has since cleared up. I think it was a stitch dissolving.

I hope all of you lovely ladies are doing well and feeling good about your beautiful selves!

Happy Independence Day!

Three months post op 550HP

I am actually a week over three months. The left side has finally caught up to the right in terms of dropping. That muscle was just hanging on for quite a bit longer. They are fairly even now. I love the fuller size and rounder shape. It is such an improvement over what I looked like in my before photos. That being said, I feel as though I would've gone bigger, probably 700 , had I known how my ribcage swallows up the projection from the side. I am very grateful I did not go with moderate profile on my frame though it does look lovely on other people. I almost exclusively wear padded bras now and do not go braless ever. The projection is just not there next to my torso. Part of the reason I wanted a BA was so that I could wear some bras that aren't padded and go braless confidently on occasion. My surgeon did a fabulous job and my recovery was wonderful but I did not foresee that the difference between my ribs and my breasts would not be as pronounced. When I stand sideways I don't see the projection I was hoping for. Head on I look fine. I think I could go a bit wider with a larger implant in the future. The doctor told me that he couldn't have gone larger this surgery but maybe down the road. I don't expect that will be soon for me. These, while full, look like a fairly average size compared to my frame. Cleavage is very nice especially in a push up bra. I am wearing a 36DDD but think I am likely a cup size larger if I were to go to another brand. So saying that it probably seems ridiculous that I'm saying I should've gone larger. I will try to take photos to show the ribcage issue. If I had a less broad torso it would not be an issue. I have lost some weight since surgery and am closer to 125 now. So not really a matter of needing to lose a ton of weight. I've started wearing a waist trainer in hopes of toning down ribcage a bit. Will let you know how that goes.

I've been almost exclusively wearing Victoria's Secret front close t-back versions of the Very Sexy Push Up bra. I got a new black lace one that is very pretty. Also purple. It gives good cleavage plus a bit more projection and lift. I would post more often but I still struggle to take decent photos.

I hope all of you are well and enjoying your summer.

Four months post op 550hp

Hello everyone, I didn't notice too many changes this month. One is still slightly higher than the other and hasn't dropped and fluffed quite as much but I'm the only one who would notice in real life. Everything is going well. I think this may be how they look long term. I am happy with them and I think I've gotten past wishing they were bigger. I saw some snapshots of myself recently and thought they looked plenty big. I fear of I had gone bigger I would look too heavy and odd for my body. I bought some more of the front close strappy t-back VS Very Sexy bras size 36DDD. They are my favorite and very comfortable. Also, some bralettes and light weight sports bras for bedtime. I've been trying to wear bras to bed because I don't want them to fall into my armpits eventually. I hope everyone is well and your summer has been enjoyable!

Five months PO 550HP silicone

I am doing well. The girls look about the same. My left side has still not dropped to the level of the right and I'm not sure it will. That's fine with me though. A huge improvement over where I was pre op. I took a few photos dressed to show body proportion. I am glad I did not go larger. For many months, I wish I had. I am satisfied with my results and feel much more attractive with my updated look. I receive many compliments about my figure now having lost nearly forty pounds and got the BA. So far no one has asked if I had surgery. I think because I wore padded bras for so long.

I hope you are all well and feeling great.


Just so happy I did it
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Leedy is top notch. His knowledge, professionalism and charm made my breast augmentation journey such a positive experience. He knows how to work with patients to achieve their goals while also recommending what he thinks is best. He was willing to answer any questions, alleviate any doubt and allay any fears I had about the procedure. I have nothing but positive things to say about him. His office staff is exemplary. Each of the ladies there are friendly, approachable, unpretentious and super helpful both on the phone and in person. My BA surgery was done at Marymount Hospital and the facility and staff exceeded my expectations. My post op follow up care with Dr. Leedy was excellent. He gave detailed instructions on how to truly have a "rapid recovery" following surgery. I followed those directions to a T and felt fabulous in the days following my surgery. I did not have any complications and did not need narcotics whatsoever. I highly recommend Dr. Leedy. He truly listens to his patients and will help them meet their goals. I am very happy with my results and would use him again in the future if the need arises.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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