26 Y/o Periarieolar Breast Augmentation with Concentric Mastopexy for Mild Tuberous Breasts - Cleveland, OH

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Age: 26 Height: 5'6" Weight: 130 lbs Pre-op size:...

Age: 26
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Pre-op size: 32 B

I am hoping that my review will help a few others as I have found that there are not very many before/after pictures for women with my type of breasts. I have always known that my breasts were different, but it wasn't until I started my search for a plastic surgeon that I was finally able to confirm that I have a constricted or tuberous breast. I had already been to see another surgeon who just wanted to do a sub muscular implant with an inframammary incision below the breast. That surgeon explained that my breasts would still have a conical shape, but would "spread out" over time. I really wasn't happy with that answer. When I met Dr. Fedele, he immediately addressed the fact that my breasts were mildly constricted and that a periareolar incision with correction of the areola and herniated breast tissue would ultimately provide the results that I hoped for. Our plan is to use a 400 cc high profile Mentor Silicone implant to achieve a large C to small D cup size.

So now I am officially 8 days out from my surgery!! My greatest fear is that the nipple incisions will not heal properly or that my nipples will not look right. I am pretty confident that I chose the right size, but only time will tell with that. I want to look proportional but not "fake". We will see in 8 days!

So now I have everything prepped and ready for after surgery.. just waiting for the big day! I can't wait! I will try to upload my before pictures shortly.

2 days post op!

So my surgery went very well! I haven't been in much pain at all and I've been able to get through most of today on ibuprofen alone. I absolutely LOVE my results so far! Can't wait to see the progression as they heal!
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