Beautiful Smile Gone - Clearwater, FL

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I do not take risks and was told that thermage was...

I do not take risks and was told that thermage was safe. No side effects were verbalized. I don't look near as sweet as I did before I had it done. I look more like a startled monster. My face shows the enormous pain I endured. Nothing looks better.....only worse.

I had a gorgeous model's toothy smile - & that is forever gone. It is hard to smile. My smile is now very small, lower, not near as wide, less flexible, and doesn't even look like a smile even when I try. It looks more like just a small open mouth.

I use to be able to open my mouth very wide when I sang. They say you should sing with a minimal of 3 fingers between your mouth. I use to open my mouth so freely and get my mouth far wider than that. Now that is as far with force it opens.

Having it done is one of my biggest regrets in life. Never, never do it. I wake up with tears & it has been a year and a half. I am disappointed every time I look at my face & especially after I try to smile in the mirror - & see a forced totally different smile than I had before the procedure.

Right after it was jaw would hardly open up wide enough for me to eat. I went to see the dermatologist.....had to wait over an hour to be fitted in & all I was told is that it would be better in a year. It is not.

Anyone else have this happen to them?
Dr. dermatologist (don't want to give her name)

I have always liked her & know she tried. I believe in forgiveness - but I would do anything to have not had it done & feel I was not pre-warned that this had any risks involved. I would pay 10x this amount to just go back to my old smile.

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