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Deposit paid, date set. Had round1 with Almonte...

Deposit paid, date set. Had round1 with Almonte this past Spring and want more lipo & bbl. Fell in love with Dr. Diaz's sculpting based on reviews I saw. I appreciate his quick response time for my quote & to answer questions. His quotes seemed fair and I chose the all inclusive package deal. I'm so excited!!!

Bags Almost Packed

Bags almost packed. I'm not as anxious as round1. Counting down the days. Going in for final cbc/hemoglobin check next week. My holy grail hemo goal is 14.

2 weeks & counting

It's getting real... excited... I can't wait

Single Digits...

My countdown calendar is in the single digits. My monthly cycle may rear her head right before sx. Hopefully, my hemo won't drop too much

Made it to CIPLA

Day 1 arrival. Preop testing. So far staying at CIPLA seems equivalent to an rh. I will post pics as soon as my reception is better.


Just to fill you in...

He and his assistant were wonderful. I had heard such horrible things about CIPLA but I'm happy I stayed there which meant no trips back & forth to Dr post op. CiPLA was clean and the food was doable. The best meal of the day was lunch. Two nights I ordered out pzza & chinese food for dinner. My room had a tv, wifi, hospitsl bed, regular bed, mini fridge, ac, private bathroom & a love seat plus a chair. I was there during non peak season and not during the tax season rush. I requested a private nurse for the 1st night and only needed her for that night.

My results...

Day 1 post op, I went for a walk outside, day 3 went for teeth whitening w/ Dr. Nova, day 4 went for blowout but don't reccomend this salon because they charged me NY prices, day 6 went to mall to get Dr a gift. I felt much better for round2 then round 1. Hemo was a lil low so had to get iron drip night before sx & must save breastlift for round3. Got lipo of back, sides, stomach & bbl.

I love this man & what he has done for me.

My experience with Dr. Diaz is that he gives U.S. style customer service with master Dominican style surgery results. Had I gone to him round1 in April 2014 instead of another Dr, I probable wouldn't have wanted this round2 I just did with him. I am now planning for a breastlift. If I go to DR it will be with him. I saw his breast work in person, it is amazing.

Experience has taught me to wait to post more pics

Experience has taught me that after lipo our body changes daily... I'm still swollen but pain is bearable so please be patient for more pictures. I will post as soon as I feel up to it. And yes I hate my stage 2 faja & may switch back to stage 1 faja til I'm atleast 14 days post op. Btw, although he just did lipo & no tt, I did require a drain but it was out before 7 days post op.

Ohhh and about massages

The Masseuse he uses, Brunilda, is awesome. I've had massages in DR & the US post op round 1 and in comparison she is very good.

3 months post op

Loving my results, not wearing faja like I should and eating everything under the sun. Decided to go for breast lift this Spring.

Before and after

Round 2 with Dr Diaz really changed my body. Shoulda did round1 with him.

Am I Addicted to SX or Nah?

Deposit paid and flight purchased for Round 3 w/Diaz this Spring. Getting breastlift. I loved Round 2 with Diaz. If I had got Round 1 with him I probably wouldn't have needed more than 2 rounds

4 months post op

Ready for breastlift and more lipo

SX is less than 2 wks away

And maybe its anxiety, stress from work or the vitamins but I can't stop eating... please send up prayers for me for all areas of my life. God bless his hands.

Less than 1 week away...

I'm so anxious about the breastlift (w/no implants). I've been eating everything in sight. I can't wait... booty already big just need more lipo and a lift.

Mid April Breast Reduction w/ Lift went well

Love my results. Went from DDD to about a C. My only trepidation is that I did not like my stay at Armonia. It was pretty and the food was ok but it was noisy and disorganized. I have stayed at Tropical RH and CIPLA Recovery floor before so I have something to compare it to. The driver for Armonia RH, Pedro, was horrible so I used Jose Brito for all of my excursions besides dr visits. I also did not use the massage services at Armonia, I used the masseuse included in my quote, Brunilda. Brunilda is licensed, professional and wonderful.
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