24 Year 1 Kind - Dominican Republic

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Hey dolls im new here on RS. Im about to start my...

Hey dolls im new here on RS. Im about to start my journey now. I have a baby 4 mth old. After my prenancy my bored just suck! Lol I wants to get my body done, I dont feels comfortable with my body shape! I already got my qoute wirh the king papa cabral. I love his work. Im going to ge a Tummy Tuck, lipo, arme lipo and a BBL. Everything it's going to be 5,200. I cant wait until dec 2017. ????????????

Hemo juice

I just going to start Drink this juice to build my hemo up. i really don't like how it taste but I have to if I want to get this body done ????????????..
im a year and 3 mnth far away of my SX that's why I don't start to drink all that vitams that I need. i don't wants to over dose my body. I just going to start eat Healthy the most I can! I cant wait until Dic 20 2017 ????????

Papa cabral the best

I already ws him And sent an email to get my date. I have to call to confirm by june my date. Very happy. Sorry it's in spanish, im dominican. I added a pic with his imformation and contact number

Pre op of TT

This is how i looks now after 4 mnt of having my baby. I really need get my tt done ugh. I have a lot of strech mark all around my sides and belly. Im using cocoa butter 2 times a day . I hope they get rite away :(
Dr Hector Cabral

He is the best

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