Dr Franklin De Jesus - Dominican Republic

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Well i went to dominican republic to get a tummy...

Well i went to dominican republic to get a tummy tuck from a very well known doctor by many girls here in nyc so i took a trip to the capital where he is located at cipla and i regret everyday getting on that airplane smh i was uses for my money and nothibg nore with no regard to my sanity after the surgery to fend for myself not to mention the day before my surgery the clinic had been closed by the health department and stamped hazardes due to a death the night before which lead to an investigation of unsanitized operating tools smh none the less i was still hopeful that the man i had paid in advanced 4,000 to was not responsible he couldnt be i repeated to myself so off i went to become my dream me arriving to a closed clinic where other doctors where stillperforming surgeries i had my consultation face to face as oppose to the pics i sent him that he revised and told me he will perform lipo in my arms legs and tummy tuck once i got there he said that ohh no it was a miss communication that that will only cover a tummy tuck smh i was so furious but i was already there so i said fuck it to say the least before the procedure everything was amazing but after surgery i was just a check well this is a recap of the day of surgery i woke up and got ready to be there and seen at 8:30 am i entered and sat near the door with another girl my age 24 who was getting minor lipo dr franklyn de jesus then arrived an hour and a half late welll as doctors do so wtever anyways we were now in a new location which was very fancy small private clinic that even had a health insurance for patients i felt good and my fears slowly started drifting away so i signed some papers and used the bathroom while i waitted in the room next door to where i will be staying at after my surgery took off my chlothes and put on the hospital gown he then entered the room and gently began marking places on my stomach where he would be performing i waitted then an hour later after the girl was done it was my turn i got in the bed next to the room where i was waitting and was accompanied by a "licensed" anastesiologist who explained the process of the anestesia blah blah blah then a nurse administered a little blue pill and said shhh count to ten two hours later i opened my eyes slightly in a daze as they picked me up and transfered me to the other bed i remember opening my eyes and staring at a doctor in the face with plastic shield over his nose and mouth they where all dressed inblue 6 doctors to be exact starpping on my faja i dozed off and woke up in another room where i spent the night in agany i was in the worst pain of my life and was left with just two nurses and no doctors at hand the nurses did not even.know nor did the doctor himself what a percoset pill was for pain so they aministered some pain medication which i think was tylenol smh the faja they had for me was not even my size but it was the only one they had and was compressing my thighs soo much i had to take it off so i swole up like a balloon i did not sleep till i got home and got sum pain meds me being hopefull i put all that aside and put a smile on my face then it began i would call and call and call no answer then when they did answer he was always at a meeting smh veey unproffesional so went myself to see him and they were surprised to see me i waitted for him and asked for him to write down my routine for recovery he did nothing instead started jokong arroubd and said u can eat anything anywho ithen noticed the man was an idiot they had my scar covered with gaugez and medical tape which scared sum parts of my belly becouse of the conpression feom the faja smh they said it was the only way i did not know about scar strips or tapes i could have used since ive nver had surgery before its a shame he did not have any or even gave me the knowledge to geton my own i had to find out online once it was too late two months had passed abd i emailed him about ny scar he saidjust wait longerso i did 6months and still nothing so i calledand he advised me after seeing pictures that hewould fix it for another 3500 smh i felt as if i were in th twilight zone just repeating to myself atleast you are alive i then waitted and waitted and waitted and still one year later my belly button and stomachare disgusting ive had to go under depresion medication because of this smh i am so sad who do i fix this whth when i have no knowledge someone help beware of this man he dra augustina hilario work together they are frauds

dr franklyn de jesus tummy tuck

Promissed arms back amd.tt but said that there was miss communication after ofcourse payment was.made now its only my stomach
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

and Dra Hilario Augustina Shady

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