Restylane ( Perlane) for Under Eye Hollow. Brisbane, AU

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I always had shadows under my eyes, but with age...

I always had shadows under my eyes, but with age the hollowness joined the picture. I research a bit the treatment and there are mixed reviews/ results, I did not have bags or tear trophs as such, more like a hollowness between the eyes and the cheeks, so he used cannulea (after dental block) so I did not feal much, he said , he couldnt put ditectly below the eyes as it would create puffiness more then anything else. He sugested to build up platlet rich plasma for the remaining hollowness if that makes sense... Its been only few hrs, so far cant feel anything, no swelling or bruising, will keep you updated. I rated it not sure because I thought it would improve more, but I guess even a little improvement its ok. I had only 1 ml between both eyes

4 days after

I think it looks a little bit better, not sure why do doc did not recommended more restylane there, he said it would bulge, so maybe the distance between the cheeks and the eyes are to great maybe I should get a cheek lift? I should post a question for the doc. here.
still a little disappointed that he could not fix it completely , but on the other hand small improvement is better then nothing......
I had no bruising, just a little tender to the touch
I have a problem uploading photos this time , not sure why, will try again later
Dr Lee Lua

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