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Ultherapy aged me really bad. I went back for...

Ultherapy aged me really bad. I went back for follow up pics one year later. I am posting them here. I need eye surgery now. I look like a drunk now and I rarely drink.

I had no idea what the after effects would be. Of course I was told it would tighten things up and it would help encourage collagen growth. It made my face sag even worse. My eyes look the worst now. They really droop now and I will need an upper and lower eyelid surgery now to hopefully correct it to get it back to at least what is was before. That of course will be a LOT more money. What I trying to avoid!!! I am very upset. Not only was the money a lot to throw away, but I look awful now. I have horrible bags now and my eyes are sunken back in. I cannot believe how stupid I feel for damaging my own face like this. I thought I looked rough before, but I wish I could have my old face back. This was just one year ago. The pics were taken at the same place. At least they agreed I look a lot worse. I also believe they are no longer doing this anymore because of the results they are seeing with others. I am posting this to try and HELP someone NOT make the same mistake. It will take AWAY your volume in your skin. If you have a lot of facial fat and good skin......maybe your outcome would be different. But do not let them near your eyes!!!!!! I wish I could make these pictures bigger so you could really see how bad they are. These pics do not show how bad they really look.

Eye after ultherapy

The one on the right is before. The first one is after.

Ultherapy before and after lower face

This is lower face. I already posted the eyes.

This is what ultherapy did to my eyes.

This is an update. For any of those reading my comments you know I had this done a year ago. Then a month ago again. I was told that ultherapy could never cause fat loss or volume loss in the face. I was told it could never hurt the eyes. It was "suppose" to tighten the skin. Well.....all it did was melt the fat off my face and my skin sags on my face now. I am posting a pic of my eye after 3 weeks of the second ultherapy. I never seen this site until after I stupidly did it again. I wish I had a close up picture of my eyes BEFORE. The picture was taken at the place I did it. You tell me if my eyes look better. I am not being a troll or a drama queen. This was MY face and MY eyes. I'm just trying to help others not hurt themselves. It's your decision. Please tread the captions under pics. Some people are confused as to which pic is the before.

Please read captions under pics for ultherapy damage

Some are confused on before and after pics. I put captions under each. For some reason they uploaded in wrong order.

Lower face today after waiting for ULTHERAPY to miraculously just work.

Ok. The doctor who did my last ultherapy on October 3, 2015, said I was being ridiculous and just being impatient when I said my face looked even thinner. Said I need to just wait. Yea? Wait for what??? All it did was THIN my face. It did not help the lines or sagging AT ALL. What you cannot see in these pics is how THIN the skin is now. When I tuck my chin now, my neck skin folds like an accordion. Of course I cannot PROVE that without a before pic, right. The pic does NOT show what the difference is in my skin either. But those that HAVE had it done know exactly what I mean.

I will post the eye pics IN ORDER later so it does not confuse anyone. This is just lower face. And I have NOT lost any body weight either. Been trying to gain weight to get my fat back in my face. I look so old. My eyes are the worst. Remember all pics are no make up and NO smiles. Smiling hides a lot when it comes to cheeks!!!

Ultherapy update

Ok. Today is Dec.18, 2015. I just took this pic 15 minutes ago if my lower face. Sorry if lighting is not suitable for some of you, but this is my face now.
I just got back from an 8.5 road trip from a doctor who dies ultherapy's opinion. She said I look just fine to her. I paid her $250 for that. You tell me. Did I get ripped off AGAIN? A lot more to say, but I will not AT THIS TIME.

ULTHERAPY. My LONG story and nighmare. Dec. 20, 2015

I keep trying to update things and the updates do not go through. I spent $2600 on the first unsuccessful ultherapy which was done on October 20, 2014. I went to just lift the area around my nasal fold area. I really knew nothing about it and had never even heard of it. I just got a coupon in the mail. I was starting to age a bit and thought why not. I had never even considered any kind of procedure for my face prior to that. Never would have even considered anything invasive or any fillers or injections. I had NEVER had anything done to my face in my life. I do not even ever wear makeup. Never have. It irritates my eyes. I was aging just like we all do.

I need to clarify to all those that keep insulting me that I was not trying to change my looks or look younger. I just wanted to freshen my face up a bit. I am also not a fake person that a few have cruelly called me. I don't have aliases either. I have no hidden agenda at all. Just trying to help someone avoid my nightmare. I hope God forgives your cruel attitudes and your offensive remarks.

My eyes after the ultherapy started to look awful. They got big bags under them and my lower face started to sag even more and thinned my skin so much that even washing my skin with a washrag caused it to get blood marks on it. This you cannot see in the pictures. No matter what the lighting is that I keep seeing posts about does not change the fact that my face looks WORSE. No better in ANY kind of way!

I was not aware until it was too late that the ultherapy was the reason why I was looking even more worn out and haggard. It damaged my eyes so bad that I had to get eye surgery later which I NEVER had planned. I liked my hooded eyes and my smiling eyes. I however did not like the marionette lines. That was my sole purpose for doing the ultherapy which in MY case was a HUGE mistake. They did a full face ultherapy on me. Lower face, neck, forehead, and all around eye socket.

Around December, 2014, which was just 2 months after the first ultherapy, people started telling me I looked so tired and someone even asked a friend of mine if I had a drinking problem because of the constant big bags under my eyes. I rarely drink. I was getting more depressed everyday because I was looking so bad. So I started staying home all the time. I was so down and depressed and nothing would help me sleep. My brain was firing fast all the time.

So I started looking around for something or someone to help my eyes and my face because I was suddenly looking older and more haggard day by day.

My weight is good and I take vitamin supplements and drink lots of water. So I know about good health.

I then started to think maybe plastic surgery was my only option because my face was getting so bad so FAST. I went to a plastic surgeon who told me I needed a face lift, neck lift, and eye surgery. I showed him the pictures of my face the day I had ultherapy done which was just ONE year earlier. He could not believe the pictures were only ONE year ago. Even the nurse could not believe the change. Especially in my eyes. SO.......those that keep saying you have to WAIT......I Think a year was enough to wait. But the damages did NOT stop continuing!

I was still not ready to get surgery because I was scared to be cut and have scars. Prior to having the first ultherapy I had ZERO wrinkles on my face or neck. I had the crows feet only when I smiled and only the dreaded nasal lines. People usually guessed my age a lot younger. Now they guess much older.

After the first ultherapy my under eye skin got super thin and crepey. My neck skin literally just folds now. It feels like it has no life at all. My eyes were already previously hooded but they did not push forward at all onto my eyelids like they did just 2 months later. The skin on them kept getting thinner and thinner.

Since I was still scared of surgery......I went to see another plastic surgeon who supposedly was into natural remedies for skin rejuvenation. Since I never wanted surgery I went to see her. She said I had great cheekbones and I should get ultherapy. I told her I had already had ultherapy and it obviously did nothing to help me at all.

She insisted that I did NOT have ultherapy and if I did it must have not been done correctly. I gave her the name of the place and she was suppose to check it out. She insisted that I would do just wonderful with ultherapy and offered me a "package deal" of ultherapy and Botox on my forehead which I did not even request for a price of $3600.00

I got worried about spending even more money so I started to do some research and read that ultherapy can cause volume loss and fat loss.

I tried to contact her prior to my appt to cancel, but I got no reply. I did not want to be rude and just not show up, but now I wish I had just been rude. It would have saved my face and my money. (Listen to your gut feelings!)

When I got to the appt I Told her what I had read and my concerns. I specifically asked her if it was possible that I would lose fat or volume in my face. She said it WAS NOT POSSIBLE. She said my face was perfect for ultherapy and it would look so much better. She lied. Since she was a REAL DOCTOR and plastic surgeon I believed her.

I told her to not go near my eyes. Thank God I had the sense to do that. I cannot even imagine how 2 rounds of ultherapy would have hurt my eyes even worse. She again insisted that the previous person who did the ultherapy was not trained and did not give me enough lines. So she assured me I would do just great.

On October 3, 2015......she proceeded with the Botox across my entire forehead and in between my eyes. Then she gave me the MAXIMUM lines on my face and neck that was allowed she said. It was VERY VERY PAINFUL. She complained the whole time about the fact that her "machine " cost her 100k. I was getting a bad feeling. My neck was welted and swelled and was a bloody looking mess. Not bleeding, but big red bloody welts on it. She told me to put neosporin on it when I got home.

I had never had Botox, so I had no idea what that was suppose to do. It turns out I am not sure I even had Botox because nothing happened at all. From what I have read I guess I was glad she ripped me off on that too. A friend of mine told me that no way could I have had Botox because if I did I would not have been able to even make frown lines which I could easily do. I think she just shot me with water or saline solution. I have read some bad reviews about Botox, so I'm glad I had NO RESPONSE.

Her office had no patients and door was always locked when I got there for my appts. I found out later that this doctor actually specializes in weight loss.

She took before pictures, but will not send them to me, I went back to her office 3 weeks later after the procedure because my face looked awful. It was so much thinner. She took more pictures. I am working on trying to get those pictures. She said I was fine and that my face was swollen. I said if it was swollen it would be bigger not thinner! Then she told me to stay away from salt. I have low sodium so I need salt. The doctor did not even pay attention to my medical issues. She wanted my money so bad she said anything to get it.

A month after the second ultherapy I got eye surgery from a GOOD PS to correct what I NOW KNEW WAS damage from the ultherapy. I now have a hollow look because the big bag is gone. I do not look like the same person at all anymore. I am so scared to see anyone that knows me from before. I have tons of friends who message me and miss me. They have no idea why I stopped doing the things I used to love doing.

I was trying desperately to get my face back. I wish I had waited on getting my eye surgery now. The fact that my face and immune system was so damaged by the ultherapy has made my healing a very slow progress. The doctor who did my surgery is a very good surgeon. I am glad that I found him. I told him about the ultherapy damage and he said he had heard a lot of bad stories about it. He does NOT do it or recommend it at all.

Now.....the latest drama was just recently. I posted my issues here and a Plastic Surgeon doctor that posts on this site emailed me to say that ultherapy DOES indeed cause fat and volume loss and she could help me. She agreed to write a letter for me, but she had to see me first. Her receptionist called ME and said the doctor had asked her to call me! I thought at first it was nice, but realize now it was a set up.

I called many times to ask questions before making the 8 hour trip. I asked if I should send her my pictures so I would not waste that long trip to get there for nothing. I was ASSURED that she would write me a letter once she seen me.

I was very apprehensive and nervous about the trip and my gut instincts were telling me not to go. But I was hoping that I was just being paranoid and scared because of all that had already happened with these other places and other greedy and unethical doctors.

When I walked in there I seen all these signs PROMOTING ultherapy. I asked again why this doctor would want to see me if she does ultherapy and why would she write me a letter going against ultherapy. The receptionist kept saying don't worry you will get a letter. My gut was telling me to get out of there! But I had just driven a very long and stressful road trip to get there. So I did it their way and was praying that it was not another rip off.

I was FORCED to sign a paper agreeing to a non refund for any fees. I said I could not pay for something in advance if I did not know I going to get an opinion letter. The receptionist said she had talked to the doctor and she said I would FOR SURE get the letter. I told her I needed the letter ASAP so my credit card company could help me with my dispute against the doctor who had done the ultherapy. They also FORCED me to let them take my picture BEFORE seeing the doctor and then made me sign a paper stating my picture could be used publicly. When I said I did NOT want my picture taken because I did not want my picture to be used publicly she said the doctor would not see me then.

Now.....I had just driven 4 hours in horrible traffic across the whole state of Florida in pouring rain, but I wanted to leave right then. My anxiety was rising fast.

I was texting my fears of what I thought was going on to someone while waiting for the doctor which took forever. What I feared did happen, word for word.

When this doctor came in she had an attitude right from the start. She would not let even let me speak. She kept throwing her hand up in front of my face. Then she started YELLING at me. She said she wasn't going to write me any letter until I provided her medical records FROM the doctor who did it. I asked her just to look at my face and my BEFORE pictures that I had from the doctor office and she refused. She said if you WERE my patient I would say you needed something for volume and fat loss in your face, but you are only here for a letter that I am not going to write until I hear from your doctor FIRST. I told her that was EXACTLY why I was there so she could SEE with her own eyes my face. She just got even more defensive. Then after she said my face needed help she then said your face looks fine. She could not make up her mind what she wanted to say. Maybe my anger was showing. I was ready to explode.

I asked her why I was NOT not informed of needing medical records from the previous doctor BEFORE I got there. She said she was not going to argue with me! I asked her how she could make an opinion without seeing my pictures. She said MY pictures meant NOTHING to her. She wanted the doctor's pictures. Well.....the doctor has not sent them "physically" to me. She would not even look at the pictures that were sent to me by the place that did do the ultherapy. I showed her that they were emailed to me. She said those meant NOTHING. She would not even look me in the face while she was ranting. She kept looking up and looking away the whole time she was talking to me. I could not believe it. It was like I was in some never ending nightmare!

This doctor was just trying to take my money and also discourage me from fighting ultherapy damage.

She herself admitted that she NOW KNOWS that ultherapy can cause fat and volumes loss,but would NOT jeapordize herself by writing me a letter because she had to protect HERSELF!!! She a,so said she does not do it anymore. But......she had signs all over promoting it!!! That sounds pretty weird to me!!

But she had NO PROBLEM lying to me saying she WOULD write a letter. She just took my money and said sorry about your luck!

I asked her why she CONTACTED me in the first place and why she had, had her receptionist call me. She again waved her hand across my face as if to shut me up. She said if you want me to help you, come back AGAIN with medical records. Maybe in 6 months. She said...."Sorry about your long drive here and I know you will lose your dispute on your credit card, but that's just the way it is". She said maybe you can take the doctor to court. I said that would cost more time, money, and stress. I asked her to give my $250.00 back since she did NOTHING to help me as she promised.She said no way. I asked her about the site here on Realself that stated if Realself was mentioned a person could get a free consultation. She said Realself had no right to do that and said she NEVER does any consultation free. So do not believe anything that says free consultation from this "doctor". tell me. Isn't this a lot to protect ultherapy? Does this sound suspicious to you?

What a horrible joke and cruel thing that doctor did to me.

I am 100% positive that she lured me to see her because of my bad reviews on ultherapy. She has written articles about fat and volume loss from ultherapy. I am sure just to protect herself. This women had NO intention of helping me. But I am sure if I gave her money to FIX the ultherapy damage she would gladly and eagerly have taken it!!!

I left her office in tears. I cried the whole 4 hours back because I was so angry that I had been stupid enough to trust another doctor. I am now out $12000.00 counting the eye surgery. That does not even count the other doctor visits for other issues that this has caused. My face looks great now doesn't it? Wow!!!!

And according to this doctor..... The fat cells are PERMANENTLY destroyed. So..... That means I am stuck with this hollow face when I use to have a full healthy face. I only wanted to get rid of the nasal lines for goodness sake. Omg....

I know there are good doctors out there, but I have seen a LOT MORE bad ones. Please be careful ladies. Make sure you are armed with great pictures before ANY procedure and ask for them on the spot before you let them touch your face. Also it is a good idea to make sure you can PROVE those pictures are from the doctor or establishment that does your procedures. JUST MY OPINION AND MY REVIEW.

They will take your picture, but it seems getting them to give them to you is very difficult.

I would appreciate that no nasty remarks be made about this LONG review. I was very stupid I admit. I feel awful enough. If you have great results from a procedure.....count yourself as one of the lucky ones. And I am very happy for you! Also notice that there are more bad reviews on most procedures especially ultherapy. These doctors know it too.

I just wish I had done my research. Some seem to get upset when you post a bad review just because they had good results. Not everyone is the same, has same skin, are same age, and most do NOT have same doctor.

Please respect others. It's your face and you only get one. Protect it from greedy monsters out there that are only concerned about themselves. Pick a good doctor.. They are very, very rare. If they were honest they would not fight you to give a refund if it was a bad result. Pictures don't lie. No matter what the lighting is.....a sag is a sag. A bag is a bag. Big eyes don't get smaller because of lighting.

Pictures from Ultherapy. Lower face. Updates.

Not sure what happened. I was trying to put them in order. I will try again. My poor neck really took a hit too. The pictures remind how bad it really is.

The first ultherapy was done on October 20, 2014. The second ultherapy was done on October 3, 2015. I was told that the first ultherapy was done done correctly. I was told I was a perfect candidate for a second ultherapy even though I said first one did nothing but damage my eyes. She did lower face only on the second uktherapy, but my eye continued to get worse. I ended up needing eye surgery on November 4, 2015. Will repost my eye pictures for this all to make more sense. I am tired of getting hammered by questions about dates.

Bottom line is......ultheraoy done by these places did NOTHING for me. It made me age a lot worse!

Ultherapy did this to my eyes.

Not sure why my pics will not come up under my reviews, but I am reposting them.

Ultherapy did this to my eyes. Update

I know I am not a beauty queen. Never was and never will be. But I did not get ultherapy for my eyes. I liked my hooded eyes. I love the way they crinkled when I laughed. I was not counting on the huge bags and thinning out that happened!!! I got it for my nasal lines and the dreaded marionette lines. As you can tell.....2 ultherapy treatments did NOTHING for my lower face and in my opinion made it much worse. My skin is MUCH thinner and my neck sags really bad now.

My eyes were already aging, but did not look nothing like they did a year later. So......I ended up getting eye surgery just because it damaged my eyes while I was trying to fix my lower face.

Be careful what you do to your precious skin on your face and most careful who does it. The ones I went to were only after the money. Even a doctor that PROMISED to help me stole my money and was the most rudest doctor I have ever met in my life. I am still seething over that visit this past Friday. That is a story in itself. I wish the pictures were larger. You can really see the big difference when the pics are enlarged.

Ultherapy. One year lower face.

From this to this in just INE year.

Ultherapy update on neck. 3 months post is a pic of my neck just one year ago and a picture of it now. It is scrawny looking now. My skin just drapes now. Also the skin on my face is so super delicate that even a washrag across it brings blood to the surface of my skin. I used to be able to scrub my face pretty rough and it never bothered it. Now I have to pat my face dry. Which is what we all should do anyways I guess, but I never had to before. I know we all age, but to age so fast and at such a rapid pace is hard to deal with.

I also went to see a plastic surgeon last week to see if there was any help for the damage to my face. He said my face was INDEED damaged from the ultherapy. He also said that is was the reason why my eyes were healing so slow. I am out of state now, so I had to see a different doctor than the one who did my eye surgery. He does not do ultherapy because he says it causes too much damage. My eye surgeon did not do it either. He said too many issues with it. Those are their words, not mine and they ARE doctors.

The doctor I just seen also has good reviews as well. I will post a review if I get anything done by him. He never charged me a dime. Unlike the other unethical doctor I seen on December 18, 2015 in Palm Beach, Florida. There are good doctors out there. You just have to weed thru the bad ones. That is why people come to these sites. That is exactly how I found this site. I was researching a doctor to fix my eyes after they got damaged by ultherapy. Thank goodness I did not go with the surgeon I was going to see. I am not ever going near a laser or anything that heats and burns the skin again. I will go ahead and do the thing I tried so hard to avoid in the first place. Trying to save money and go NON invasive ended up being a nightmare for me. I ended up with a surgery on something I was NOT ready for and probably would not have needed for a long time. I was Ok with my old eyes. They were not that bad. Now my neck looks like a chicken. I will end up with surgery on that next. I just was not wanting to do it NOW. So the ultherapy was a complete waste of money and caused me many more issues. Save your money for the real thing. At least you will not have all over skin damage from the burning it does and it will not mess with your mental state. Unless you get a horrible surgeon!!

An MRI will show what damage this does to your face. It is documented now.
I am going to let my poor face heal. I hope it DOES heal. Right now it is like handling tissue paper. My face used to be pretty sturdy. Not anymore.

Ultherapy is still twisting my face.

Today is January 26, 2016. Face is still changing and twisting. I need dental
Work now to fix my teeth. My teeth are even moving now because my jawline has shrank so much.

Yes.....ultherapy does affect jawline which affects teeth.

I noticed that when someone posts a question on here to doctors....I honestly believe that not all of the answers are "honest" answers. That of course is just my opinion because I already KNOW that some of the answers are WRONG. Based on the FACT of my own experience PROVES this. For instance I posted a question asking if ultherapy damages the fat and volume in your face. I got answers from doctors saying that it did NOT! Well…..we all know that is NOT true!

So now I see a question asking if ultherapy can cause jaw or teeth alignment issues. Ok....I am going to post my own jawline AFTER ultherapy. This pic was taken a couple days ago. I was doing my face exercises to see if I could get my face to stop looking so twisted since I got ultherapy. This pic is just me opening my mouth. It is NOT photoshopped and it is NOT the face mask from the show SCREAM. This is embarrassing to post, but I am tired of seeing posts saying that ultherapy does NOT do damage. My face was never twisted like this PRIOR to ultherapy. My face has actually been misshapen by ultherapy. I do believe another doctor here on Realself used the word that ultherapy "remodels" the face. Well....I never asked for this remodeling. This is just opening my mouth normally and this is what I see. I am only posting this as proof that ultherapy can do some serious stuff when the skin is burned underneath. Remember.......they are calling the scarring caused by the HEAT as collagen rebuilding! But....which way is it going to "build"??? You ever hurt yourself and have a scar? Did it change the skin around it?

Again.....these are embarrassing to post. The way my teeth look are of course affected too because they are obviously in my jaw.

6 months after last Ultherapy with a filler!!!

Ok. Just got a post that my pics were not believable. So I just took a pic today. April 10, 2016. I also finally had someone get my before pics from the doctor. She would not send them to me. I posted it as well.

Ok. So when are these good results suppose to happen?

In the last pic I had voluma filler put in my nasal folds and the lines by my mouth. I was hoping it would help some, but as you can tell even with the filler I am not even close to what my face looked like BEFORE ultherapy.

Sorry that my pics are not believable to the ones that perform the procedure. But pics don't lie.

Ultherapy will destroy your face and YOUR MIND

Just an update. It has been 4 months since my last ultherapy. They say wait on results. I PRAY all the time these monsters are stopped. Ultherapy will mess you up in more ways than physically. I wish I had done my research, but I did not.

I have major issues now since I had the ultherapy. Emotionally I am a wreck.
I wish we all could take pictures of what damage it does to your brain.

Think about it. Just imagine touching your face....over and over with a cattle prod. Remember the crazy movies where they were shocking the person's brain when they were so called crazy?

If you want to look older, more haggard, and have lots of emotional issues that is what ultherapy REALLY does. What happened to me and many other poor women reminds me of the movie...."The Shining" They killed basically killed him. Ultherapy is a slow brain death. I am so serious and I was a very intelligent and independent woman before ultherapy. Not anymore,,,,,,,.

Ultherapy...Causes Shrunk head. From this to this.

Just thought I would post a picture of almost 14 months later. Reposting one of same pics again to show side by side.

Christmas story after Ultherapy nightmare continues.

This Christmas I most certainly will not feel good. I am not the same person anymore due to the affects ultherapy has had in my life, both physically and emotionally. My health has also suffered.

Going to post the latest pic of myself.

Hopefully others will post their story. Good or bad. My story is a sad but true and factual account of was has happened to me. I am still suffering from this. My health has suffered and it has affected my
personal and social life dramatically.

I most certainly can prove this if I choose to.

Posting pic taken on day of second ultherapy. So from this to this in 14 months. Notice how my face is V shaped now. My strong looking jaw is gone! My chin has receded back so far that my now super thin neck skin folds up around my now really tiny chin. If this is NOT true.....then my skin volume and muscle I guess just for some reason just changed for no reason at all. Right?

Ultherapy! Ongoing nightmare from Hell

It's been awhile since I updated. Be aware that many women suffer more than just facial damage from this procedure. At this point I have seen and heard many are now experiencing depression issues as well as unexplained neuralgia pain. The eyes of many of these women appear to also recede bank into the head as if the eyeball has shrank. Ok way to measure my eyeball to know if this has actually happened. But I do know that my facial fat has never returned. Thus my face is much smaller now. This also has really affected the jaw lines of every woman I have seen pics of that are past the 3-6 month mark. The chin also looks receded. I was told a chin implant is needed to build my chin back. If you insist on doing this procedure I suggest prior to doing it you get an X-ray of jaw or go to dentist and ask for a panoramic view. Then you can compare later if there is bone loss as well. Just remember they use the same kind of procedure to melt fat from Timmy and thighs, so if they tell you it will not cause fat loss. Run.

30 month after Ultherapy update.

Just had my eyes checked again. I know people like to blame age for everything. Well.....I don't believe time ages anyone as quick as ultherapy has aged me. My vision had really went firm hill at a rapid pace and my eye exams prove it. Ask anyone who has had ultherapy if their vision has suffered. I went from barely needing reading glasses to having to use a magnifying glass in 2 years. That's a rapid change. I will post pics of my poor face later. My eyes are just hurting too much right now.....I would love to turn back time and delete ultherapy from one of my worst decisions of my life.
Dr. Pamela Silver

Doctor that did second ultherapy was Pamela Silver from Newport Ky. Xanadu is her business name. She actually pushes weight loss. She is an ENT/plastic surgeon who did the second ultherapy on my lower face. Said I was perfect candidate. Will not provide me with my records. Even ulthera has tried to contact her and she will not respond. I have asked her for a refund, but she refuses. I was advised to seek an attorney instead to seek not only a refund, but damages. All I asked for was a refund. Now it will be worse for her and me. What a shame that people are not honest. I thought she was a nice lady. I was wrong again. Allure MD was the FIRST place I had ultherapy and it was not done by a doctor. It was done by a nurse practitioner. She was a very nice lady, but unfortunately it damaged my eyes. The procedures were painful. It damaged my eyes. My lower face lost fat and volume. Both places refused to help even after admitting procedure was a failure. Said I had to PAY more money for them to help me. I will rate the other doctors I seen later. This has been a nightmare from hell. Everyone so far has done nothing except steal my money where ultherapy is concerned. They refuse to help or give refunds. Stay away from these people. I seen another doctor for an opinion about ultherapy. She also stole my money and refused to help AFTER she had my money in her pocket. Review on her to follow later.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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