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Ok, so I had implants - saline, over the muscle...

Ok, so I had implants - saline, over the muscle (under fascia) placed in my breasts in 2007. They are 9 years old 2x the size they once were bc of weight gain, pregnancy and well gravity. I've traveled to Miami 2 x in the last 9 months for plastic surgery. The second time was for a revision and I'm still not completely satisfied. I know the costs to have surgery in this part of the USA is more expensive (and results are lackluster) compared to Miami where they doctors do surgery 2-3x a day and the prices are half the cost and the surgeons seems more aggressive in a good way! BUT bc I had to go to Miami a second time, I don't want to have to worry about that with my breasts. So I decided to stay in Cincinnati. I'm so nervous bc I haven't found a good plastic surgeon here in the last 10 years. Of everyone, based on photos, Dr. Martin seems to deliver. I want my breasts high and tight. I don't want the bottom of my breast even close to touching my stomach. All of the physicians in area give results that still look depressing and droopy. I'm tying really hard to get over Dr. Martins bedside manner. He is kinda quirky. I have a second consult with him next week. I hope this leaves me feeling more comfortable in my choice- not only for results, but safety. I always feel like if my Dr. Listens and is sincere he will keep me safe. I am excited to get these heavy implants out! I will have the Dr. literally pop my implants and then wait a couple days to see if I have enough tissue to do the lift without adding another implant to weigh me down. I'm a little nervous because my right breast is wider and larger than left breast. Popping the implants is quintessential for me because I can't remember how my original breasts look. I don't want to wake up from surgery and have B cups. I would like a D cup. I am currently a 34 H cup. I am excited to be able to buy bras in brick and mortar stores again! Oh and wear tube and halter tops without killing my neck. My neck and back hurt 24/7 and my posture is severely dragging bc of these huge breasts! Will update costs and second opinion of Dr. Martin as soon as I have my second consult 9/20. Wish me luck! As always, like my other reviews I will give you 100% honesty throughout my journey! Love you

9 days until surgery

Hi everyone, I have been SO very busy I have been meaning to update this review. Oh on a side note, this doctor used a NP by the name of Ashley to do fillers and injections and she is really good! I found my go to people. Anyways, I am a little scared bc I have had my implants for 9 years. When I told people about the removal they were like "NOOOOOO! DONT DO IT! YOU HAVE THE BEST BOOBS!!!!!"
I hope that after they are chopped up they will heal beautiful and I will keep a nice shape.
I am going to have them popped in 5 days! yikes!

Then I will decide if I want to have to implants put back in. Sounds counterproductive, but its not.
I think right now my implants are 400 cc and my new ones will be 200 cc.

I just called the doctor's office and spoke to PC. She advised that implants have not been ordered for me yet, which is good, I want to see what happens on Friday!

One thing really awesome about this doctor is that he hated my crappy belly button from an old TT 8 years ago that he is revising it for free!

I also have a slight hernia that he is going to fix. He is doing all of that at no charge. I think that is so amazing. I am really grateful.

I am having the surgery done in a surgical center outside of the doctors office, which is new for me, so I am a little nervous about that.

Lastly I am happy to report Dr. Martin does not use drains!
It is so stressful moving around with hand grenades attached to your body. I am always terrified that I will rip them out on accident. So thats awesome.

I cant wait to be able to run and exercise, and fit into bras without my boobs bulging out and weighing me down. As soon as they are popped I will put pictures up!
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