Cincinnati Implant Removal and Lift/Augment. 210 cc

Ok, so I had implants - saline, over the muscle...

Ok, so I had implants - saline, over the muscle (under fascia) placed in my breasts in 2007. They are 9 years old 2x the size they once were bc of weight gain, pregnancy and well gravity. I've traveled to Miami 2 x in the last 9 months for plastic surgery. The second time was for a revision and I'm still not completely satisfied. I know the costs to have surgery in this part of the USA is more expensive (and results are lackluster) compared to Miami where they doctors do surgery 2-3x a day and the prices are half the cost and the surgeons seems more aggressive in a good way! BUT bc I had to go to Miami a second time, I don't want to have to worry about that with my breasts. So I decided to stay in Cincinnati. I'm so nervous bc I haven't found a good plastic surgeon here in the last 10 years. Of everyone, based on photos, Dr. Martin seems to deliver. I want my breasts high and tight. I don't want the bottom of my breast even close to touching my stomach. All of the physicians in area give results that still look depressing and droopy. I'm tying really hard to get over Dr. Martins bedside manner. He is kinda quirky. I have a second consult with him next week. I hope this leaves me feeling more comfortable in my choice- not only for results, but safety. I always feel like if my Dr. Listens and is sincere he will keep me safe. I am excited to get these heavy implants out! I will have the Dr. literally pop my implants and then wait a couple days to see if I have enough tissue to do the lift without adding another implant to weigh me down. I'm a little nervous because my right breast is wider and larger than left breast. Popping the implants is quintessential for me because I can't remember how my original breasts look. I don't want to wake up from surgery and have B cups. I would like a D cup. I am currently a 34 H cup. I am excited to be able to buy bras in brick and mortar stores again! Oh and wear tube and halter tops without killing my neck. My neck and back hurt 24/7 and my posture is severely dragging bc of these huge breasts! Will update costs and second opinion of Dr. Martin as soon as I have my second consult 9/20. Wish me luck! As always, like my other reviews I will give you 100% honesty throughout my journey! Love you

9 days until surgery

Hi everyone, I have been SO very busy I have been meaning to update this review. Oh on a side note, this doctor used a NP by the name of Ashley to do fillers and injections and she is really good! I found my go to people. Anyways, I am a little scared bc I have had my implants for 9 years. When I told people about the removal they were like "NOOOOOO! DONT DO IT! YOU HAVE THE BEST BOOBS!!!!!"
I hope that after they are chopped up they will heal beautiful and I will keep a nice shape.
I am going to have them popped in 5 days! yikes!

Then I will decide if I want to have to implants put back in. Sounds counterproductive, but its not.
I think right now my implants are 400 cc and my new ones will be 200 cc.

I just called the doctor's office and spoke to PC. She advised that implants have not been ordered for me yet, which is good, I want to see what happens on Friday!

One thing really awesome about this doctor is that he hated my crappy belly button from an old TT 8 years ago that he is revising it for free!

I also have a slight hernia that he is going to fix. He is doing all of that at no charge. I think that is so amazing. I am really grateful.

I am having the surgery done in a surgical center outside of the doctors office, which is new for me, so I am a little nervous about that.

Lastly I am happy to report Dr. Martin does not use drains!
It is so stressful moving around with hand grenades attached to your body. I am always terrified that I will rip them out on accident. So thats awesome.

I cant wait to be able to run and exercise, and fit into bras without my boobs bulging out and weighing me down. As soon as they are popped I will put pictures up!

4 Days post op

Today is the 4th day after my surgery and I am noticing how much my pain has subsided. That must be the magical day for me after surgery. So let me say, I have been hesitant to post pictures until REALSELF gets their website issues caught up. I have emailed them and hope to be able able to post soon!
When I went in 9 days ago to have my implants deflated it was SO easy! The needle looked massive but I could not feel it. Dr. Martin numbed the areas and that did not hurt at all! He removed 360 cc of saline from each implant and I was surprised bc I thought I had way larger implants than 360 cc, My breasts were still a DD! I really enjoyed the 5 days without implants! I realized I was wearing my bra all day and couldnt even feel it! It was amazing!!! No pulling, no sagging, no showdown with my bra trying to get it to contain my massive H cup!

Welllllll. I had my lift surgey. He put 210 cc implants back in. I wanted to stay 150cc,,,, scratch that,,, I wanted no implant! I also did not want my breasts to be flat on top. I showed him my wish pictures before surgery and ultimately left it up to him to decide what he thought was best.

When I woke up they looked huge, they still do! Obviously not as old as my first set, but they still look huge. I hope that when the swelling goes down I am no bigger. Than a D.

Ok, the lift looks amazing. Like AMAZING! He really knows what he is doing. I am going to post pictures soon. My breasts are really lifted. He stitched the hell out of my pockets that were WAY to wide. My implants used to fall im my armplants- no more!

The one concern I have is how close together they are. I rolled up a sock and stuck it in between my breasts. Praying to God I don't get symmastia. I may take the bra off at night while I am sleeping on my back so the implants can move to the sides a bit.

I read a comment from Dr. Martin saying he never had a patient result in symmastia, and because symmastia is caused by the surgeon, I am guessing I will not get it. Bc he helped me out and double stitched the lateral edge of my pocket up, the implants are sitting front and center and I am hoping their medial proximity to each other is just as result of swelling.

If the size reduces and they separate more in the center by a centimeter or two these are the best damn boobs I could ever dreamed of!

He also did some hernia and tt revision of my bellybutton. RIght now it looks terrible bc it was just operated on, but I am trusting my Dr.

12 days post op review

Today marks 12 days since lift/aug. The swelling has significantly decreased and I am loving the results! I have changed the paper tape dressing twice by myself and that is a real pain in the ass. My incisions were healing nicely until the tape on my nipple caused my skin to be removed. I was using Johnson & Johnson white paper tape I found at Walgreens. I switched it out for Mepitac tape and am going to leave it alone. Also Dr. Martin said I could pick off the surgical glue, but I shouldnt have IMO. When I removed the big chunk of surgical glue over my inverted T incision my skin flapped open and back quickly and started to sting. I became weak AF. I said a prayer and put the Mepitac tape over it and am leaving it there until it comes off. I also applied the mepitac tape over the nipple areas that were raw, I hope this is not going to bother anything. I hate to call and ask questions. Just thinking about a wound makes me sick.

From a surgical perspective, Dr. Martin did a great job closing me up. I did not have an sutures on the outside and that makes a big difference in appearance. I think I am being too aggressive with my dressing changes.

Dr. Martin also said I won't get symmastia bc he placed the implants under the muscle and that the muscle holds them down. I hope this is the case.

My right breast has always been larger then my left and it appears to still be so. Dr. used the same size implants but took out some tissue from my right breast in an effort to compensate size. I hope then they heal they will match in size. I will put pictures up soon!

Not good

My body is spitting out sutures like crazy. 3 out of the 4 "T" incision sites have opened. Stitches are popping out in the inframary fold and my belly button. Dr. Martin didn't think I needed antibiotics. Told me it was a "spitting stitch". I had to call 4x and ASK what to do? He advised me to removed stitches that were poking out myself. Which I read on real self and other doc said NOT to do bc it can lead to infection. So I called back and AsK if I could come in on Monday. Then called back and asked for antibiotics! Open incisions can lead to infections! Can't believe this happening to me! I've never had incisions open and never had stitches come out. WTF. So many of them.


24 days post op update with pics.

I'm so depressed. My left breast looks great, but my right breast has gaping holes on the incision lines and Dr. Martin is taking an extremely passive approach. When I went into the office for him to seriously evaluate my wounds and get concise instructions for wound care I was deeply disappointed. I've had to take my questions to real self. Thank God for this website. It's a shame that many PS have given me instructions on how to care for my wounds but my PS only words initially when I called him were." You're fine your probably spitting a stitch. Remove the tape and wash it good." When I went in 5 days later, he only glanced at my wounds and when I asked what to do, he said, "keep doing what your doing it looks like it's working." I'm like "really?" Thank God for real self doctors telling me to remove stitches that are poking out and what type of ointment and dressing changes etc. it's interesting that only my right breast has has complications. This is the same side the doctor initially put the implant OVER the muscle sewed me up but upon discovering the implant on my left side (previously) was inserted UNDER the muscle Dr. Martin decided to place them BOTH under the muscle (which is what I ASKED for) and so he REopened my right side and put the implant under the muscle. I wonder if when he opened my right side up that irritated the new stitches rhat he already placed and that's why they are coming out. I had to be the one to ask for antibiotics. When I sent him a picture he said it wasn't a big deal. But when I saw him in office he said, " you look better I was worried with your pictures, you know you have an implant and that can get infected, but luckily it looks better" I thought omg thank goodness I asked for antibiotics on my 4th call. I think my breasts look great as far as size and shape, I'm just really disappointed with my post op care and his nonchalant attitude towards my wound management. I'm praying my wound heals. I could care less about how it scars. I just want it to heal. It's been 9 days since I discovered the wounds. They have gotten bigger. I am hoping that soon they will turn the page and begin healing. I removed a stitch on my vertical incision today. I also see about 3 stitch abscesses forming on my horizontal incision. I asked what suture was used and he said "vicryl or monofilament they are all about the same." So again- no conclusive information. I truly am so appreciative of real self. This is the only complication I've ever had and it stinks. Hopefully next week will bring good news!

Possible infection 1 month post op.

What can I say? This is consuming my thoughts. Okay so here goes- last week and while on keflex I developed a rash on my breast which is subtle bc I'm olive tone. I called Dr. Martin to explain. He said it was a bruise. I said it wasn't. Why would a bruise appear out of nowhere, spread, and become red? I had another physician look at it and he said it was blanching erythema not a bruise. Once again I called Dr. Martin on his cell. Thank God I have that! He always answers. I appreciate his willingness to see me. It's just that nothing happens when I go in there! Today he said it was no biggie and he want impressed. I told him even flurries can turn to blizzards! This just began a week ago and that's why it's not glowing red infected. I clean the hell out of it and have so many sterile bandage boxes, saline, ointment, tape, vitamins, oil diffuser, oraganic protein spread all over the place trying to heal of course it looks "clean!" I'm doing everything I can. I won't even eat nitrate containing food. Anyways, I begged for another antibiotic. Again he said it wasn't necessary. But he called in doxycycline. I am at office today and he said a culture wouldn't help. I had to talk him into that too. I had to practically wrap my arms around his ankles and beg for him to tell me what he thinks it could be. At last! He said it "could" be a low grade infection. The infection could be from surgery. He said bc he had to operate on my right side twice, ( which he shouldn't have had to because I told him I wanted them under the muscle!) move the implant from over to under and that could of introduced bacteria or inflammation. I am so upset. I told him prior to Sx that my implants were above muscle but I wanted new ones under. He brushed this off. I feel like he doesn't listen. So when he opened up my right side he took out implant placed another above. One left side he discovered that implant was below muscle so he opened my right side up again and moved implant below muscle. I believe this is exactly why I am having problems. Yes, 'my previous surgeon should have never placed one implant above and below and then tell me that they were both above. But bc I asked Dr. Martin to switch them to under and he attempted not to, but ultimately had to this whole thing could possibly have been avoided. My left breast had No break down no spitting suture. Dr. Martin tried to tell me my wounds have not enlarged- not so. He also told me 9/10 infected implants don't have to be removed- suspect. I've made an appt to see a wound specialist on Tuesday. Maybe they can formulate a treatment plan. I wonder if I need to see another PS. It's my understanding once breast infections set in they are a nightmare. Need to prevent that. Dr. Martin only seems to want to take action if they infection goes from 0 to 100. I'm not sure he is proactive at all. He did remove two stitches that were poking out and after 45 mins I convinced him to culture my wound. The nurse and Dr. told me they have seen far worse. Not my problem. I love my body and I want it healthy. I appreciate his willingness to see me but when he sees me I have to advocate and suggest every intervention I.e. Culture, antibiotics, suture removal. He didn't listen to me when I asked him to go under muscle. I'm not sure what to say.... I really want to continue being a patient, but I'm skeptical. I hope he reads this and knows to listen to his patients more thoroughly. I'm sad.

Wound Care Specialist post appt

I am SO glad I went to see a wound specialist. I was worried they would think I was silly, or kind of dismiss me. They didn't! In fact, they found some wound undermining at 3mm with the wound on my lower T inversion. They discussed biofilm with me and we discussed how to care for the wound! The doctors treatment hurt but wasn't unbearable. It caused a lot of bleeding.

I will be going weekly to see the specialist. They will measure, inspect, and likely clean my wound. Hopefully the undermining will not result in the removal of skin and this will heal.

They commended me for advocating for myself and were pretty impressed with my self taught knowledge. Unlike Dr. Martin who told me to, "do whatever you are doing" they gave me exact steps which are:

1.) Supplies will be overnighted to my home
2.) Come in every week same time same day
3.) Report any changes right away
4.) Do not let wound get wet in shower
5.) No soap, instead sterile saline to clean wounds
6.) Apply silvasorb gel to gauze and secure with tape over wounds
7.) Change dressing once a day
8.) Cover gauze when showering with plastic wrap or press and seal from Glade wrap
9.) Continue taking doxycycline

Over the weekend I was feeling really guilty about posting my wound care from Dr. Martin on here, I began to believe I was "worrying" too much as he said. But after seeing a team who validated my wound and began to actually treat it, I realize I am right. Maybe the reason why Dr. Martin said "we see a lot worse" is because he tells other patients the same as me "not worry you will be fine" and that when things are not fine they get worse and then at that point they look bad. I am not putting my health in the wind, hoping I am not infected and that my wound will heal. No one should.

I know plastic surgeons are used to seeing healthy incisions, but at the end of the day, they are still a doctor and wound care is something even a nurse learns their first semester in school. I know because I went to 2 years of nursing school. So when a complication arises the PS needs to take it serious develop a treatment plan.

I am also happy to report that my marble sized lump under my breast is going away. The same lump that appear out of NOwhere and was also present along with blanching erythemia that was swollen and hard to the touch.
Dr. Martin again, said " It could just be a cyst or maybe its where I put the sutures" I knew this was inaccurate. I knew it was an infection setting in. THANK GOD I stuck to my witts and asked for meds. After taking doxycycline the lump is nearly gone, the hardness covering my breast is gone, the swelling has reduced. The erythemia is lessening. All good things.

Advocate, advocate, advocate for yourself! I will update after next week wound appt. xo

2nd wound specialist visit

Okay I am going to stay positive here because I believe in the power of attraction and I know my wounds are going to heal. I will also account for what has happened this week.

Dr. Kurtis Martin and his staff have NOT called to check on me or schedule any follow up. I have noticed some reviews on RS after I began documenting complications. These reviews seem spontaneous and lack details, so I will let you form your own opinion.

Wound debridement and wound care caused by a surgery complication should be included in the PS fee. Since my PS gave me bad advice to use soap, water, and neosporin I had to seek out someone who would actually help me.

My wound had only gotten worse in 3 weeks time. Each appt to the wound doctor is costing me somewhere around 400-500 dollars until my health insurance deductible is met of 4,500. I am extremely disappointed with Dr. Martin and I do not recommend him if you are looking for a surgeon to be there after an operation complication. Recovery can be emotionally draining and I know a PS job is not finished once they sew you up. Of course Dr. Martin did not tell me not to come into office, but what IS he saying when I arrive and he glances at me and says " do whatever you have been doing it seems to be working, and your fine" ? Like, what is that? Through that he is only avoiding legal action, but not living up to patient standard of care.

Now, I am at 5 weeks and it is not getting better but it thankfully is not getting worse. My wound doctor is tracking this with photos and measurements. Both wounds are about 2x2 centimeters.
I have 4 more weeks of antibiotics.

The lump that Dr. Martin was aloof to is now gone! That is good news!! My breast is no longer swollen and hot and my bras do not leave imprints. THANKFUL for antibiotics!

I am still taking in vitamins and protein and avoiding activity.

My wound doctor was a little surprised to see that my wound had not progressed much, but said that following Dr. Martin's orders of dial soap and water along with an non-diagnosed infection could have delayed healing.

The costs associated with seeing a doctor to help me stink, but is a small price to pay for my health.

I am hesitant to rate this PS using the stars bc I really really like his NP Ashley. She is a great injector and I do recommend her services.

Looking forward to my next weekly appt. to see what is happening. Wish me luck!

6 wks post op breast lift (photos)

7 week post op/ 5.5 week since wound complication update.

Alright so for the most part I have posted about the disappointment over not initially placing new implants under the muscle, causing Dr. Martin to operate on my right side twice and... I have posted the wound complications and the lack of concern Dr. Martin has shown. Before I blog about that I want to talk about the aesthetic results I am seeing now that the swelling is gone and the infection seems cleared. I like my size. I could have been perfectly fine being smaller too. For me the way I feel with back issues and such means more to me than size. Plus big boobs are not really in style right now. I haven't been able to wear a regular bra yet, but in trying them on i THINK I am a dd or ddd :( I wanted a D. I did have a lot of natural tissue to work with BUT Dr. Martin said I would not have fullness in my upper pole without an implant. Oh the dreams of little high perks boobs that look like the implant is sitting high and tight! How dreamy! I Said over and over and overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i wanted everything - implant and tissue sitting high.

Now that the swelling is gone, my implants are sitting at the bottom of my breast. :( from a profile view there is no implant sitting on the chest wall and from a frontal view the implant is sitting at the bottom.

I wanted the girls to sit high and mighty, not "the surgeons personal opinion" and again, I feel like I was not really listened to. i wonder if it is bc the implant is 210 cc and not 500 cc that I dont have much fullness at the top. Honestly, had i known my implant would be sitting this low, I would have TOTALLY skipped the damn implant altogether. He could take it out and I would care less!

So, I received a call from Ashley his NP about coming in for a check up. What a nice surprise. I went and I told them I had been seeing a wound specialist. The NP told me I didn't need to see one. I knew right then and there that Dr. Martin had read my review on here and discussed it with her. A nurse would NEVER tell a patient that unless the Dr. hadn't discussed it with her in advance.

When Dr. Martin came in the room he said " how are your wounds? You only have two now?" I said, I had always and only had 2 wounds. He said, " Didn't you have 4 and now you have 2?" To that i responded, " And that is why I am going to a wound specialist, because they photograph and measure the wounds and know how many i have. I have only 2 and have always had two." He did not like that answer.

He then said I didn't need to see a wound doctor and that they are expensive. I told him I did. I told him my wound didn't begin to heal until I had the wound intervention. And that simply use dial and neosporin wasn't working. He then said my body was a slow healer, opposite of what he had told me all along. I agree though. I do think my body is slow to heal and I think I had an infection. I was tired of begging for him to take me seriously! This is my body! I DONT CARE THAT OTHER PPL HAVE WORSE WOUNDS THAN ME!!! I am so blown away being told by them that I did not need a wound doctor.

The good news! Every time the wound doctors debride my wound within 48 hours my wound makes improvement! Yay!! It will then plateau but every Monday i get a quick debridement and by Wednesday I can see new tissue! This is what my body needed, and based on everything I have read debridement makes them close quicker :) Dr. Martin could totally be doing this every week, but doesn't want to.

I have read SO many PS answers to Pt questions on RL and almost ALL of them say to meet with your PS weekly so they can treat the wound until it heals. So... I have no problem blogging my experience. I hope that change comes from this, whether is be a patient or from Dr. Martin himself. He needs to know that every patient is individual and if they are not healing he needs to help!

He also needs to stop talking so much and LISTEN to the patients. If the patient says I have implants over the muscle but I want them under the muscle, then damnit PUT THEM UNDER THE MUSCLE. If a patient says their sutures are spitting and asks what type are used so they can prevent using them in the future don't say. "well they are all the same really."

Life and ppl are not just "things" you can gloss over.
And writing this is really tough bc the man worked on my belly button and his staff are super nice. I don't want hard feelings. I definitely want him to read this and know how he could of made this better.

He asked to see me back in a month... that is right a month. He knows I still have gaping wounds and knows he told me I shouldn't see a wound doctor, but told me to come back in a month. LOL come on man.....

PIcs. to come....
Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon

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