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Well, let's see.. My path to implants is a...

Well, let's see.. My path to implants is a common one. I was never well endowed, but as a little person, a 34B seemed fitting. After nursing all three of my children, each for over a year, I was left with absolutely nothing. I was in an environment where everyone around me was fixing their mommy chests, so I felt impelled to do the same. I had saline unders for exactly one year. The rippling was horrible due to the fact of my scrawny upper body, so I had them replaced with silicone, high-profile, 320's. They were too large and uncomfortable from the get-go. I have had them for two years, and for two years I have not felt like myself. I live an active, rather organic lifestyle. I felt almost hypocritical to those around me that never succumbed to the pressure. With some intense soul searching I have come to realize, I like me. Little breasts can be sexy, and most importantly, they are MINE! Health is underestimated. These things threaten my health, and for what? Vanity?? SO not worth it! My husband never cared if I did this. He has supported all of my decisions, but has always told me I was beautiful with or without them.

So today was the day they came out!!! Independence Day, I call it. Boy, there is really nothing there, but I feel great, and I feel liberated. I am just thanking the Lord for giving me the gift of humility. Never again will I deface what God has given me. Your body is a gift. Respect it. Pictures to come whe this silly tape comes off :)

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