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Boy, oh boy. I had a frustrating time with my...

Boy, oh boy. I had a frustrating time with my veneer. Unlike most people, I only wanted one tooth to be fixed. When I was a child, I hit one of my very front teeth falling off a slide. It killed the nerve (in a nutshell) and darkened. It started to really bother me and bleaching does nothing because it's discoloration is from the inside of the tooth. My dentist recommended veneer. At first, he said it's probably best to get BOTH of my front teeth done, but I really didn't want to destroy any other teeth. I have a nice smile and very healthy teeth. So I went with one. I sat with him and told him I'd only let him do it if he was 100% confident about being able to achieve great results. The first veneer was awful! The color was all wrong. The shape was terrible. You could spot it a mile away. What's worse is that he was almost going to let me walk out the door with it if I hadn't told him I hated it. He told me that he wouldn't cement anything in until I was happy with it. We had to make another veneer (no extra cost for me). This time, I made sure I went to the lab to work with the veneer maker in making my new tooth. That was the best decision I ever made. We color matched together and worked on the shape together. In the end, I am satisfied with my result. No one can tell I have a veneer unless they look closely and I make mention of it. My gumline is slightly different and the color is SLIGHTLY grayish compared to my other teeth (which have a little yellow in it). My advice to anyone getting veneers is to ask to visit the lab where they make it and meet with the technician. That way you see exactly what you're getting. Bleaching BEFOREHAND is probably not a bad idea too... I have been warned to never bleach after you get a veneer. Veneers (porcelain) do not change colors. My one regret is that I didn't go to a true cosmetic dentist. Look for dentists with extra cosmetic training. will shed some light. I wish I had seen that website before doing this!
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