Smilelign Review South West UK. Chippenham, GB

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My experience with Smilelign started on April 21st...

My experience with Smilelign started on April 21st 2016 when I first went to see a new dentist Dr Chris Lambert-Rose. I did plenty of research on various clear/invisible braces and found that this practice was the closest to me that had really good reviews. The practice is based in Chippenham, Wiltshire in England. On my first visit he carried out an initial consultation which included an examination of my mouth before we then discussed what my options were. He first spoke about the 6 month smile treatment , which is similar to the traditional train track braces, but I asked him about Invisalign which was when he told me that they offer Smilelign, a similar treatment. He gave me a rough idea of prices and treatment time (8-10 months, possibly longer) After agreeing to this and saying it all sounded good he then said I could go ahead with getting moulds done which would then cost £150 that day. He then took impressions of my upper and lower teeth, which was slightly uncomfortable but nothing painful or that I could deal with. The only weird thing was when he took the moulds off my teeth as it felt as if my teeth were being pulled out with it! I then a follow up appointment and paid my money and left. On my follow up appointment on May 5th we spoke again about the treatment, and how I may need to have one of my lower teeth removed. He said that I could either leave the tooth in and have 21 trays for the lower teeth, or have it removed and have 15 trays. But he would let me think about this and decide by myself. I asked what he thought and what would provide the best results and he said removing the tooth, because it is at the front as is a different shape and more white than the other teeth and it may mean more work is needed once the straightening process is finished. For my top teeth I will need 19 trays. He then showed me my trial trays which look how the main ones will, and fitted them both in my mouth to check that the fit was right. He then said that I should try wearing them for a few days and get back to them about whether or not I want to go ahead with the procedure. I have had them in for a few hours today and feel no discomfort, as they are fitted to my teeth and aren't going to cause any movement. It feels a bit strange having something different in my mouth but I feel as if it will be something that I will get used to, especially if I have to wear them for all day when I get my final trays. The only slight discomfort I have had is a slight rubbing on the roof of my mouth in the first night I tried to wear them, as the plastic edges aren't completely smooth. It feels fine drinking water with them in, again I just think I'm aware that I have something foreign in my mouth. I will attach photos of my teeth with and without the aligners in a future post. I haven't felt that my speech has been affected as of yet.

My teeth - photos with and without aligners

I have attached some pictures of my teeth both with and without the aligners. Its surprisingly hard to take good photos of your own mouth.
I have also included a picture of the trays in their case.

I have found that i have been getting a bit of a dry mouth/dry lips due to not being used to them, but nothing serious.
Dr Christopher Lambert-Rose

Very friendly and helpful. Asked me questions about what I wanted and gave me a few options. Didn't pressure me into making any decisions.

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