TCA for Rolling Scars - China

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Hello,everyone .My name is jie,I from...

Hello,everyone .My name is jie,I from shanghai,China. I had a bad experience scar treatment in Chinese hospital and our country's Treatment technology is lag behind So I decide to help myself ,I have large area rolling scars. I purchased the 25% TCA online..I read the instruction and researched tca from internet,after I performed( big area) the 25% tca two times but I still have many questions.

Please help me! Q1:How long keep the solution on my face ? 30sec or 1-3 min ? When I see the frosted I should neutralize it ,Not completely white right ?Q2:Some rolling scars on my face is deep, should i do additional layers(Iwo layers total)or apply stronger solution (like 35%) ? Please tell me the exactly answer. Q3:Two layer 25%tca Equivalent to 35%? the questions just for the rolling scar, Thanks for read. Best regards!

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