Chin Implant Has Visible Edges, Made my Face Substantially Longer

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I have a very receded chin and wanted to have it...

I have a very receded chin and wanted to have it fixed since I was little. As I already have a long face, I told the surgeon that I didn't want it if it would make my face longer, and he assured me it wouldn't. Post surgery, I am very unhappy with the result, as the implant is crooked and the edges are very visible - they don't follow my natural jaw line at all. I went to the PS and he told me that one of the edges got folded over and it would need to be revised. He told me the other side was normal and that the prominence of the edge is normal. Also, when I mentioned that my face is longer in a way that has made my appearance worse from the front, he mentioned that the implant he used wraps around the jaw and adds 2+ mm.

I am getting my implant out this week, either way, even though a revision has been offered. This is just one of several things that has gone wrong in this experience. Is this normal?

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