This Procedure Just Moves the Cellulite to Another Area on Your Body.

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I was offered 10 sessions of Velasmooth/Velashape...

I was offered 10 sessions of Velasmooth/Velashape for $1200 (each session is worth $150) so I jumped on it.

I had significant improvement in the areas that were worked on, such as the back of my thighs, but it seemed to have shifted the cellulite to my outer thighs now. That's a spot I never noticed cellulite on before until sometime after the treatments!

It's been almost 2 years since the treatments and it looks like all the cellulite has come back, however, I was told I need to workout and eat right to see lasting results. My current lifestyle doesn't allow for much of that, so this is a procedure best suited for at least moderately active people.

Edited to add, a friend went to the same med spa...

Edited to add, a friend went to the same med spa for 6 sessions of Velasmooth and said after a month or so there seemed to be even MORE celulite and that she noticed cellulite in areas where there was none before treatment. Specifically, on other areas of the thigh.

We are both in our early 30's, good skin elasticity and circulation. Weare also both weight proportioned to height.  No reason why we should have had these type of results.  This definitely is a waste of money.

The Longevity Center Spa

This is a great med spa. They offer package deals and discounts both for new and steady patients. Pick and choose your procedures though, as not all the new techniques and products measure up to all the hype.

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