Vaser Liposuction Ankles, Knees, Thighs, Arms - Chicago, IL

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Hello every body, I followed this website...

Hello every body,

I followed this website before my surgery and wanted to write a review after my own. I had my surgery Friday December 2nd. I did not now exactly what to expect, but I definitely did not expect this.

I am and have been in much more pain and discomfort than I was told. The doctor and nurse both promised me that I would feel sore, but would able to return to work within 2 days. Friday night was horrible, but it got even worse once all the numbness and medicine wore off. Yesterday might have been the worst. I am not able to do anything. Cant stand up because I can't use my legs or my arms to push up.

The first 24 hours I bled through my bandages and stockings. My doctor told me to come in, the day after surgery and he removed all the bandages and compression stockings. He told me to use my own and come back within a few days.

I was in so much pain that night that I got up and cut off my own compression stockings as my ankles and toes looked like they were about to burst! There was so much swelling and throbbing that I was in tears. Had to get a size larger the following morning. Wish he would have checked them before I left his office.

I was also promised minimal bruising, but my arms and legs are completely filled with huge dark and light bruises. Looks horrible. My elbows have yet to stop bleeding.

Can anyone help me feel a little better? I am very happy with my surgeon, but Im still a little nervous. Has everyone else had this much pain??? I will upload photos when I have the chance.

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Not decided on a rating until I see my results. I know my surgeon is one of the best...but still have to wait and see.

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