32yrs Old, 3 Kids and a Whole Lot of Belly Fat! - Chicago, IL

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I've wanted a tummy tuck for 10 years now. I have...

I've wanted a tummy tuck for 10 years now. I have three kids 12yrs, a 20 month old and 3month old. After having two babies in two years its finally time. My husband is very supportive, so now it's just about picking a doctor and getting it done. I'm so confused about where to have the surgery done here (Chicago) or Dominican Republic. The result just really look better to me for the woman that get it done in DR, and the cost is a bonus. Idk I hope to figure it out by June. Pics coming soon.

Got a doctor and a date!

So I changed my mind about going to Dominican Republic. Once I calculated the travel expenses it just made more since to stay here for the peace of mind alone. I found a doctor I liked with great plan in place for surgery. And I was able to move the surgery up by 2 months. I'm so ready for this to happen already; still loosing weight got 10 more lbs to go though. FLAT SIDE HERE I COME!!????????????????????????????????????????

Day 1 post-op

Me: Wow did this really happen!?!
Pain: (5hrs later) Hell yes !!! Did you think this was a joke!
Me: Is this a dream with me and Floyd Mayweather going 30 rounds of straight gut/flank punches!!?!?!! I really NEED to wake up from this ish cause I can't breath????????????
PAIN: No it's real, sorry not a dream and I'm just getting started !!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Me: Jesus Jesus Jesus!!!!!!! That's the only person who can help me now.

The pain is very real do Not I repeat do NOT be fooled will keep you posted good night.????

Post Op day 3

I must say day 2 was a super hard one, but today is much better. I haven't been able to eat good and my back is killing me but other than that I'm good. Will be posting pic soon.

Day 6 post op!!????????????

So today I had a small melt down at the beginning of the day. Some thing just came over me and I was just sick of the aches and pains. I started feeling defeated and down on myself. By mid day I was starting to feel better after talking to friends. I finally took the binder off and readjusted it which made all the difference in the world. All I could see was the top of my tummy and that looked good so I'm getting excited for the big reveal Tuesday????
Dr. Jeffrey Weinzweig

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