SmartLipo on Love and Handles and Upper/lower Abs - Anxiously Awaiting Satisfaction

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I had SmartLipo done on May 6th 2010 on my love...

I had SmartLipo done on May 6th 2010 on my love handles upper and lower abs. I had no previous conversation or consultation with the physician, so I was under the assumption that I would get everything done on my scheduled date. On the day of my procedure, I finally met with the doctor, and was told that only my flanks would be done because the lidocaine is distributed according to my weight. I am 5'3 about 160 pounds, weight I accumulated from stress and returning to work after the birth of my daughter. Immediately after I had my daughter, I dropped off all of 35 pounds I gained but as soon as I returned to work, within a year I was the same size I was 9 months pregnant despite my efforts of working out an trying to eat right.

Anyhow, I was told to bring in my medication with me the day of the procedure, so after a prelimiary conversation, I was given 1 Hydrocodone, and 1 volumn, then the physician proceeded to draw on my body, only then revealing to me that only the sides would be performed today. I was annoyed as I thought I had requested enough days off work but I was excited nontheless. I was a little buzzed when they began with tiny pricks of the medicine and then the rush of numbing solution but after the solution was in, I was fine.

The procedure took about 2 hours and 2 1/2 liters of fat was removed. I didn't really feel the laser but the subsequent suctioning took some getting use to. I joked and laughed the entire time with my doctor and nurse. When it was done, I the nurse tried to squeeze all of the residual fluid out, she padded me and snugly wrapped in me my compression garment. I was supposed to have a fitting for this garment that never happened, as my consultant never followed up after receiving payment. So I'm not sure if the garment was the proper fit but oh well. I was asked not to drive so my close friend picked me up and drove me home. I was in pain but this was managed by the medication.

I was prescribed approximately 15 pain pills and 15 antibiotics that I was to take 3 times a day. I had taken the entire 15 pain pills within 3 days of my procedure (as 1 did not work, so I had to take 1 and a hlaf each time). I was still numb the first day, but by the 2nd and 3rd day, I was in pain and both sides were bruised. With use of the Arnica, the bruising subsided within a few days. As I laid in bed, I could feel the solution pooling to the sides of my pevic bones. It is the oddest feeling in the world. I was majorly concerned-because when I left, I had no definite appointment to get my upper and lower abs done because apparently the physician was all booked up. After pleading to them to find me an appointment 7 days after the first, I was notified my next appointment approximately 1 day prior. So I had to scramble to get my meds and arrange transportation on such short notice.

The 2nd procedure was torture. I beleive it was due to the area, but the 1 Hydrocodone and 1 volumn did not cut it this time. After the numbing solution was entered, the lasering was done, but I got the feeling early on that I had not received enough numbing fluid in all of the areas she was to explore. In short, it hurt like hell. Those that write that they returned to work the day after, that is crap. But everyone's body is different.

After it was done, my belly felt like silly puddy and the skin felt loose as the nurse wrapped me up. Agin-with a compression garment that was not fitted for me. By the time I got home, my entire lower region was filled with fluid. My vagina was so swollen, I could barely sit. By the 2nd day, the area surrounding my vagina was brusied because of the weight of the fluid. I was in so much pain, I had taken 8 pain pills the 1st day. It was hard to get up, it was hard to stand because all of the solution has your lower body filled to combustion. The 2nd day was not any better, I took my remaining pills that day and had to call the physician for more. On the 3rd day, my garment was removed (by a family member) and I got to see what all the pain was for. I still had fluid in my lower abs and vagina but most of it was down below. I was completely flat and smooth. Due to the fluid, it felt jiggly and numb but I was happy. (I was told I could shower 24 hours after, but I didn't want to be touch so I waited an extra day).

Today marks 1 week and a day since the last procedure. Within 4 days, all of the numbing solution has redistributed elsewhere and my vagina still hurts a little but not bursting out. My abs look bigger than there were the 3rd day but I'm pretty sure that is due to swelling. I had a total of 5000cc removed in total and all areas are still sensitive to the touch. I am more uncomfortable than anything. Long work days are the hardest when I have to sit a in chair all day, by the time I get home, I am sore and although I want a pain pill, I don't have any more so I have to suck it up.

Most of the brusing is gone on the sides as I had none in the front. I have a slight lump developing across my belly button, so I'm concerned if it will smooth out or if I will need a touch up. I tried on some jeans yesterday and my sides are gone. I no longer have the muffin top but my lower abs still feel loose (as if filled with a cup of water moving around in there). I'm still wearing the garment at night and I wear spanx in the day, as the garment doesn't feel the right fit.

I can't say if it was worth it or not because I know that it will take time to fully heal. I'll keep you posted. I think the physician did her best and was diligent about getting me my desired result. She took as much fat ut as she safetly could, so the rest will be up to the healing process. I would reccommend the physician by not the Medspa I went to. I'll admit, I expected to bounce back within a few days. But the things that sound too good to be true often are. I'll post some pics so everyone can see. thanks.

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