Sore Lump One Year After Surgery!

I had a rhinoplasty just over one year ago now...

I had a rhinoplasty just over one year ago now where I had the dorsal lump shaved down in closed surgery, a more basic procedure.

After a few months when the swelling went down I noticed a lump at the right hand side of my nose that was hard to touch and this area would fluctuate with swelling. The lump starts under my eye and has appeared to have got bigger over this year. My surgeon advised I wait a year and see what happens and that the lump relates to where he broke my bone.

On most days and more so recently I wake up with the feeling of this area of the nose feels alive, there is tingling and the area has always been very tender or actually painful to touch. During the day the swelling worsens to the point where people have commented as the swelling becomes more visible.

I had the procedure to remove the lump on my nose as I was self concious of this appearance. The lump has been removed well and I was pleased with the initial results however the complications and how I know feel about the lump created at the side of my nose is making me wish I never had it done.

Can anyone offer any advice as to what is causing this pain and constant swelling? Even when the swelling has calmed down for a few days the hard lump that feels like bone and it was not there before the surgery.
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Due to compliations post op.

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