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Dr. Mustoe botched my nose and I will write a...

Dr. Mustoe botched my nose and I will write a review every month. He was moving offices and was late to the surgery. My nose was collapsed from a car accident and his surgery did nothing to fix it my breathing problem. I had an amazing nose which he called deformed from the accident but in all honesty I wish I had my old nose. He made me feel like I was crazy and physically grabbed my arm and pointed to my nose and said nothing was wrong with it. Yet, I couldn't breath from my right nostral and it was still collapsed. In addition, he built my tip out and it was so messed up it I couldn't even look in the mirror. He thought he could fix my nose indentation.... Which was the size of half of my pinky and fill it with fat from my stomach... NOTE DO NOT FAT GRAFT OR EVEN USE HIM. My friend that referred me held back that he had to do her friends nose 2 times. I was in his office and heard a woman complain about being charged because he messed up her nose 2 years ago and it was collapsing . Then I was eating dinner and met someone that said his girlfriend had her nose botched by this very tall guy and sat on his chair an pretended to listen. I also was in my hall of my building and my neighbors friend had him botch her breasts. I don't know what happened but he has ruined my last 2 years. I had to pay 20K out of my pocket to get it fixed. I know he is good with face lifts, chin lifts... however noses and breasts.... Please be careful. They are surgeons and not God. Yes, its not intentional... but Dr's in this position need to be honest with themselves and especially their patience!!!

Please feel free to respond if you have gone through this, I decided never to go to court because I was so emotionally drained. If you can relate and need some support.. Please feel free to email
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