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I had 3 moles removed, but the one I'm writing...

I had 3 moles removed, but the one I'm writing about was in an inconvenient spot where it was often knicked with my hairbrush, by hairstylists, etc.

The Dr. removed a mole from the back of my head. Removal options and costs were never presented or explained to me. Later, I received a bill twice the cost of a previous opinion. In addition, the mole grew back within months of the procedure. When I called to inquire why the mole was not fully removed, I was told that full removal was not the normal procedure. That I should come in for the full removal for an additional $3,000. I asked, if the $450 that I had, already, paid would be applied towards this procedure, I was told no.

If I knew what I know now about the cost and types of removal, I would have sought out another dermatologist and made sure I had a full removal. (Especially, considering scarring wasn't a concern with the location of the mole under my hairline). Instead I am out $450 and still have the mole. This was a waste of my time and money.

Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon

There is a major lack of communication in this office. I do not recommend this doctor.

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