Hyperpigmentation ( Sunspots Z) Came Back - Chicago, IL

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I live in a nothern state, so I decided to have...

I live in a nothern state, so I decided to have IPL in the winter ( late December 2010 )so my skin would have time to heal before the summer. I was adament about staying out of the sun or tanning bed. It worked terrific at first. I had three treatments. I used sunscreen everyday even though it was winter.

Now ( April ) my age and sunspots have come back worse than they were before. The same pigmented spots camne back, and new ones appeared !!! The nurse that did it said that once the pimented cells were "shattered" by IPL, that they were gone for good, but I had to use sunscreen ( which I do ). Now it`s worse than before treatment and I`m not happy about it. It seems so sensible that when those "coffee grinds" ( sunspots ) all came to the surface, and my face looked great for only 4 months. I`m so mad I could scream. Don`t do it. It`a waste of money

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No, I wouldn`t recommend this for anyone, it`s a scam.

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