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Hello all! I made a previous post that combined my...

Hello all! I made a previous post that combined my upcoming breast augmentation story with my upcoming rhinoplasty story since both surgeries will be performed the same day. Now I figure it would be better to write separate reviews in their proper categories. I have been on real self reading reviews for months just waiting for the right time to start my journey on here. I am 21 years old. My ethnicity is African American and Japanese. I am a recent graduate of Ohio State university, and I am getting myself a graduation gift!
I am 5'3, 125 pounds. I have been going back and forth about whether or not to get a breast augmentation or not. I would like to have bigger breast, but I am still weary of having breast that look fake. Currently, I am a 34B. I would like to go to a full C, small D. From the research I have gathered, I believe I would like to get 400-420 cc low profile saline Natrelle implants under the muscle. I believe this would generate the most natural look. I want average projection, with a wide base. The low profile implants look pretty natural to me. Currently, like Natrelle over Mentor because the width (diameter) of the implant is barely compromised when filling the implant to its maximum volume. I meet with Dr Mustoe next week, and I will be discussing what implant is best for me. I am very adamant on low profile and saline, the only aspect I am willing to compromise on is the volume. If anyone has any information about low profile or types of implants please share =) I have posted wish pics for you all

Overall I am super excited and nervous, and I look forward to posting my reviews on here =)

Wish Pics

Pre-op done and over with =)

Yesterday I had my Pre-op appointment with Dr Mustoe. I waited in the waiting room for an hour before I actually met with him. I was a little bothered by that (only because I was STARVING lol). I really do love how forward and nice he is. I feel comfortable asking questions. But what I like most is that he pretty much has the same idea of an outcome for me without me having to tell him. I went in thinking I would get 400+ ccs, but we decided on 350-375. I will be getting mentor moderate profile. I do not want much projection which is why I am not getting the moderate plus or high profile. I want a simple natural appearance. I am also getting saline. I am too concerned with the health risks associated with silicone, and I would like to know when my implant ruptures. I honestly feel that I might end up with a full C vs a d cup. The doctor says that I will end with a D, but 350 sounds a little shy of a D. Either way, I don't care. I just want a bigger size, and a natural look. One interesting thing is that the doctor still may use deep sedation vs general anesthesia. He said he will make that decision the day of surgery. I am comfortable with both, but would prefer deep sedation over general. I don't want to feel sick when I wake up, and general sounds so scary to me lol. The staff also is extremely nice. I worked out how I am going to make my final payments and I didn't feel rushed or pushed at all. Only 27 days left! I am currently eating a low salt diet, and taking a few pills to help with swelling! I will be posting before pictures soon!!

Changed my CCs

So after the pre-op, I decided to increase to 400. I told my surgeon I am willing to go between 375-425. I was afraid of being too small after surgery. 25 more days =)

Starting to go crazy. How does saline feel?

I am beginning to go crazy. I am getting 400cc saline implants, but I am beginning to get paranoid about ripples showing through the implant, or how the will look/feel. I even considered changing to silicone (even though I don't like the idea of silicone bleed no matter what any surgeon says). Then I considered Gummy Bear implants but I have seen videos of the silicone still escaping the shell onto the surrounding tissue. I do not like the idea of that. I am of childbearing age and I do not like the idea of silicone bleeding through the shell, rupturing and touching my tissue, or migrating to my lymph nodes. But I do like the way they feel. Are there women out there that can let me know if they enjoy the feel of their saline implants? I currently wear a 34B and am getting submuscular implants. Thanks =)

Side note: I have been taking arinica and bromelain (pineapple extract) for the past 2 weeks, and plan to take it throughout my recovery. Hope it helps =)

Ripples with saline / Before pictures

So, I began to get freaked out when I read reviews about saline rippling. I do not want ripples but I also only want saline =/ So I emailed doctor Mustoe, he believes I will not ripple. There is also the possibility of fat grafting and slightly overfilling . I feel much better now. I am also having a hard time uploading before pictures from my phone!! 11 days left!

Had a mini freakout

I am not sure why, but this morning I almost started crying about my upcoming procedures. Thoughts like what if I am unhappy with my results, maybe I should just cancel it, and what if I feel fake kept running through my mind. Here I am, in Starbucks, eating a sandwich trying not to cry and look like a weirdo in front of everyone. I also thought about what others may think if they find out. Will my family care? No one in my family has ever gotten plastic surgery, and it is pretty much frowned upon in the African American community. I know that I want this and feel better now, but I still feel a bit of anxiety. I trust that I will love my results. This was the first time I had ever felt sad/worried. I guess I just bulked into my emotional roller coaster that I'm sure will last until surgery. 6 days left!

today was surgery (with deep sedation vs anesthesia)

Today was was my surgery day and it went smoothly. I woke up this morning feeling excited and prepared. Almost no Anxiety ! My boyfriend and I arrived to the surgical site at 6am. I paid my balance and was taken to a recovery room where I stripped down to my cotton undies and a patient gown. my nurse was very kind and I felt relaxed (although my blood pressure said otherwise) the OR nurse and anesthesiologist came in to greet me and they were both kind. The anesthesiologist made jokes and made me feel comfortable. Then Dr Mustoe came in and went over the procedure once more with me. I was happy to see him and he really calmed my nerves. I also showed him my wish picture once more, then he left. The anesthesiologist then came in to give me "happy medication" and wheeled me down with the nusre. I must remind you guys that I had these procedures down under deep sedation , not general anesthesia . The last thing I remember was looking at the equipment in the OR. I woke up back in recovery and I was extremely loopy. I apparently told my boyfriend I wanted to marry him Lol. I must say I had absolutely no nausea with deep sedation. Now I am back home and the pain is bar bearable. Maybe a 5 out of 10. I'll write again later today or tomorrow!

1 week post op boob pics. Moderate saline mentor 425cc.

I wanted an extremely natural look so I went with moderate profile. Lots of my friends (who model professionally) get moderate profile vs getting mod+ or high due to the unnatural look they may produce taking side pictures. So far they are swollen. my left hurts more than my right. I do not wear a bra (per surgeon instructions) for the first month. I am barley pushing against them to cover my nipples. They reach my collar bone so far. Did anyone else have slight incision pain? It doesn't hurt bad, but I just feel it sting at times.

1 week post op pic / What they feel like

I always wondered what my saline implants would feel like during the first few weeks of swelling. I must say, they kind of remind me of squeezing a butt cheek (yes a butt cheek) lol. They are soft on the outside but it feels like thick muscle or dense tissue in the center. They are not rock hard like I imagined beginning swelling to be. Also, if the previous post op picture was difficult to view, this is a better picture of my 1 week post op boobs.

A lot has changed.

I will write a detailed review on what happened at a later time. Here is the short version: I had complications at 2 weeks with my implants which caused me to remove them. I got the replaced 3 months later in May. Now I am 1 month post. This time around, I went with silicone using a keller funnel (not saline as before). Overall what I have learned from this experience is that when you choose a surgeon, be sure that he is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure you have a good outcome if a complication arises. Although I did encounter a problem, my surgeon made sure to do whatever it took to ensure I loved my outcome. He didn't downplay it, make me pay extra money to fix it, or ignore the problem. I've attached a picture I took today. They are still dropping and fluffing so lets see how this goes!

New bra size = 34DD

Got measured today and my new bra size is 34DD. I was originally a 34B. I wanted to be a D but DD is fine as well. I am almost 2 months post op. For those who had a BA, did swelling go down after 2 months, or is this the size I can expect to be???? Thanks!

Wish pic vs Me 6 weeks post

6 weeks post. For those with a previous BA, is this my size or am I still swollen? Either way, my cleavage is pretty similar to my wish pic
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He listens and wants to ensure you are happy with your results. I am happy I trusted him.

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