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I work for Plastic Surgery with a Children's...

I work for Plastic Surgery with a Children's hospital, and one of the Drs I work for recommended I see my Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Weinweig in Chicago. I have always hated my nose, I hate how long it is, and the hump on it, oh, and my big nostrils :/ so I went in for my consultation, and he pointed out a few other things with my nose that I hadn't ever realized I had! He was the sweetest Dr, I talked it out with my husband, and I decided I wanted to go forward with it. I am going to pay most of it with my care credit, and that's what is stopping me. We have no debt, and I dont want to have debt. I guess if it wasn't for the price of the surgery, I would of not thought about it so much. But I always catch myself second guessing myself "Is my nose really bad?, Should I do it?" and I want you guys' opinion on my nose. I have the surgery scheduled and all, but am having doubts!

going forward with surgery!

I finally made up my mind and am going forward with my surgery! I'm scheduled for Sept 17 th, so still a little over a month away but it'll be here before I know it!

2 more weeks for my post-op!

So I downloaded this app, and I have been playing around with it, and have a image of what I want my nose to look like :)


(mistake on last post, I meant pre-op!) lol

Pre op, DONE! Less than 2 weeks left!

I had my pre-op appt yesterday and everything went well. I got my blood test (CBC) done, and before pictures were taken. My surgery is less than 2 weeks away and I'm so excited! It all feels so real now! I took off work as of the Tuesday of my surgery and am returning the following Tuesday. I hope I don't have much bruising. The Dr said he would take my nose splint off that following Tuesday, and I mentioned to him that's when I was supposed to go back to work. He said "well we can work around that". So when I scheduled my post op appt I asked of he was available that Monday and he's in surgery all day! So when I got home I emailed his assistant (who wasn't there) and she responded saying that he can see me before his surgeries that Monday so I don't know if I should go Monday or just wait until Tuesday? Any suggestions or opinions? I just don't know how important the splint is, all he said was that it was necessary to protect the nose, that's why it's placed.
So anywho, just got to wait it out less than 2 weeks for my surgery. I've uploaded a few more pics of my nose ;-)

One week until surgery!

I am super excited, my surgery is exactly one week from today! YAY! I am excited, anxious, and nervous. I know my surgeon is a great Dr, but I am still nervous for the outcome. Everyone at my job is excited to see my new nose, but I did tell them not to expect my "nice" nose that it will be swollen for a while.
I will update again the day before my surgery.

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

I have been preparing for tomorrow all day! I am getting very very nervous, but am excited at the same time. I got a call from my Dr's nurse to let me know she was calling in my prescriptions, and later got a call from the anesthesiologist who asked me lots of questions; allergies, medicines I'm on, when I can't eat. I'm gonna be so sick, my surgery isn't until 1pm, so I can't eat after midnight tonight! It's almost all day without eating or drinking, ugh! All of my friends and family have been calling me today to wish me luck tomorrow, it's nice to know I have so many people who care :-)
I'm excited for tomorrow, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight for the anxiety. I'll update my review after surgery when I'm feeling ok. I have all my meds ready, and picked up some arnica gel that I heard works great for swelling and bruising ;-) best of luck to me!!!

Surgery, done!

I'm updating late because I can't sleep! Just when I'm getting my sleep in my mouth gets super dry! Surgery went well, everyone was so so nice and answered all of my questions. I was in surgery for a little over 2 hours, recovery room about an hour: Dr attended all of my needs. Everything was great! I feel no pain at all, I took my antibiotic and pain meds as soon as I got home since I was instructed to do so. The nurse said not to wait until I was in pain to do so. I am swollen under my eyes and have bruising...that's what I didn't want but knew what to expect after seeing everyone's reviews on here. I can already see my profile and it looks great! Now just relaxing, getting pampered by the husband, kids are at grandmas and I am looking forward to a speedy recovery!

Day 2= feeling great

My bruising turned red, but I've been applying arnica gel and icing so it isn't so bad. I have no pain and I was finally able to take that annoying drip pad off, since I wasn't dripping anymore and it was sticking to my nose with dry blood :-/ I can breathe thru my nose, I got lucky I didn't need any packing inside. My Dr just called me from his personal cell to check up on me, that meant so much to me, who does that?! He also told me if I had any questions/concerns to call his cell directly, he's awesome! Then like an hour later, one of the girls from his office called to check on me as well. I feel even better knowing how much they care, tells you they are great people and I really appreciate that.
I also went to pick up my kiddos today, I missed them so much! My 4 year old son kept asking me "mommy, what's on your nose?!" I'm like "a big bandage" lol. My 1 year old daughter just keeps looking at me like "what the heck happened to you?!" Lol. I had agreed to leave them with my mom for 2 nights but I feel so great I thought I'd bring them back home today, plus we missed them too much. My husband has been great, helping me with everything. It's nice to have his help since I'm always the one running around being a working mommy and wife!
I am so glad I came on here to see everyone else's experiences because it definitely prepared me. I k we exactly what to expect and how to treat everything too.
That's my update for today! We'll see how things are tomorrow but so far everything is good!

Removed tape covering my nostrils

It was really bothering me because it was full of dry blood and Dr said I could take it off, so I did. I cleaned my nostrils with a q-tip and peroxide and I'm so excited to see my profile!

Uneven nostrils, normal?

My nostrils are uneven and it's freaking me out! Is that normal?

Feeling good and can't wait for cast removal!

I have been getting lots if rest today. Yesterday I was feeling myself again and decided to clean my house and turned out to be a bad idea. I felt so tired and overworked that I felt sick, that was a bad idea! So today I'm just chilling on the couch! I'm doing nothing today. I slept very good last night as I am breathing much better out my nose. My nose feels so itchy under my cast! I can't wait for it to be removed, and can't wait to get these stitches off too, I forget sometimes and touch it and it hurts. My nose feels really sore still. I'm also still a little freaked out about my uneven nostrils, I know it's normal but I'm still freaked out. My bruising is very light just still very swollen. I've been on it with the arnica gel so I assume that's why my bruising is residing. I've attached photos of today. :-)

Went out today!

I was going crazy being home for the past 4 days and we needed a few things to stock up on, so I took a little trip with my family to target! I was wearing my hat so I was in disguise, I'm sure whoever took a look at me thought I was beat up or something, lol.
I ate a good breakfast this morning and took my antibiotic, I had stopped taking Vicodin because I thought that was making me sick and I realized it's the antibiotic. It's disgusting, makes me nauseous, and feel horrible. I hope I don't have to take it too much longer :-/
Oh and I was holding my daughter earlier, and she leaned over to kiss me and bumped my nose :-/ that realllly hurt, I can't even get a kiss from my baby :-(
My nose feels super sore and feels really swollen like its gonna blow up. But I can't complain, my recovery has been pretty easygoing, no pain, little bruising, I just want to be able to sleep on my back again! How long more until I can do that?! I hope soon, I want a good restful sleep!

Cast off! What a relief!

I had my appt at 10:30 this morning and am just getting to update. I am super swollen, and my Dr confirmed I have uneven swelling which is why my nostrils look uneven.
The cast removal was hellllll!!! For some strange reason the adhesive or whatever they use, was suuuuuper stuck and didn't want to come off making my sore nose hurt terribly! I kept teasing my Dr that I think he put gorilla glue under my cast, lol! That wasn't fun at all! But the stitch removal was a breeze, and that's what I was more afraid of, I didn't even feel a thing. He had me touch my nose and feel how "spongy" it feels because of how much swelling I have. I love my profile, but don't look at me from the front, lol. He was pleased with my results and said everyday that goes by the swelling will be less and less but it will take some time. He wanted to tape my nose for a week but I have to go back to work weds so he didn't. He said the tape is just to keep the swelling down. He just told me to ice it as much as I can. He also gave me a little tub of vitamin E to start applying next week where my stitches were so that it could diminish the scar.
Overall I'm happy, I definitely love this nose more than my previous nose, and I can't wait to see what it actually looks like after all this swelling resides.

Profile pics

Back to work!

Today is my first day back at work, I am feeling great! I had told my coworkers about my surgery so of course they all came by my office to take a look and they all think its great. I just love how natural it looks so if they wouldn't have known I got the surgery, I don't think they would of really noticed. I am still super swollen and can feel how swollen it is, but I have patience. So far, I love my nose!

Back to work pics

Not much change, but want to share before/afters!

I've been feeling great, been back at work for the last few days, swelling goes up and down, depends where I am at but I love my new nose!!! It looks so natural and feminine, just how I wanted. I compiled some before/afters so you all can see the progress!

Nose getting better, still swollen though!

Hey everyone, so I thought it was time to update! I've been doing great, just some days are better than others in regards to swelling. One day my nose will be great and the next it'll be swollen, more on one side than the other. It all fluctuates! That's probably the toughest part because I want to see everything fine and that it! Lol. Then I freak out thinking my nose is crooked but it isn't, I just have the wierd case of uneven swelling and I am sure of that because of the fluctuation.
I even changed my option to "worth it" because this was def worth it.
I actually have this confidence boost where I feel prettier and don't feel like my nose is making me ugly! Oh and I cut my hair short this past weekend :-/ just because I had really bad split ends so I thought, let's chop it and make it healthier!
I have my follow/up appt in 2 weeks so we'll see how my nose is doing!

Everything is ok, except my tip is freaking me out!

Almost a month post op and everything with my nose is going fine. The dissolvable stitches I think have all came out which is a relief! My tip is very swollen though, and I am anxious to see the actual result. Only thing concerning me right now is that my tip is slightly leaning towards the left and not right on the center. I'm sure it's swelling but I can't help but to get concerned about it. I have my one month follow-up next week and will def bring it up to him. I tape the tip at night and when I remove the tape the tip is straight, how it should be, but once the swelling kicks in, there it goes to the left :-( hopefully it is just swelling. Other than that, I love my profile and my nose! And am very happy I went thru with this.

5 week follow/up

I just got back from my follow-up appt with my PS, he says I look great and am healing great. I went over a few issues with him regarding my tip leaning to the left, he agreed it was but said my left tip is very swollen and that I should massage my nose often. (Very smoothly). He said that sometimes the cartilage wants to go back to the old nose shape so the massaging will be very helpful. He agreed that my tip and columnella are also very swollen and said those take the longest to heal. He figured that I stare at my nose all day, lol and said I need to be very very patient with rhinoplasty and to stop looking at it so much because I am gonna go crazy! and that the swelling with flucutate everyday so it may look good one day, and funky the other. I know that these issues will resolve and it is because of swelling, I am very happy with my nose. I feel like this is how my nose has always supposed to be, its very natural that a few of my family members haven't even noticed, so I haven't told :) Oh and I live in Chicago so fall weather has hit, today was in the 40s and OMG, my nose felt so wierd, like a wierd tingly feeling, made my nose num. I have to make sure to cover it with my scarf, cold weather is not gonna be fun for my nose!
All in all, I am very happy with my results, and I don't regret spening a dime on it because it came out great! I won't be updating as much because there isn't going to be much change, but if there is a major change, I will def keep you all posted. :)

Almost 2 months post op!

Can't believe it's almost 2 months since my surgery. Time is def flying! Earlier today I was at my Dr office video recording a testimonial for my rhinoplasty experience! It was nice, and was so happy to express myself about him and his staff, they are awesome! He looked at my nose and said I'm doing great ;-) my nose isn't so swollen anymore and my tip leaning issue is gone :-D so glad it went away. I have learned to be patient, as my nose changes everyday! I took these pics today.

May need minor revision :/

I met with my Dr today and I went over a few concerns I had, where one of them is the bone he shortened on the side sof my nose, one side of it is more to the right then in the center, making my nose look a bit crooked and what doesn't help is that my tip is slightly slanted toward the left :/ it's not a BIG deal, and no one notices but me but it's my nose and I paid a lot for it so I want to have a "almost perfect" nose. Otherwise everything else is great, my profile is awesome, I love my profile, it's my front view that's a bit funky. But he said it could still be swelling, and we will just have to wait and see. If by the time the summer comes, August these slight issues are not resolved, then I would need a MINOR revision under sedation of course. Soooooo, I am at ease and calm to know that he is addressing my concerns and being so sweet about everything. He is a great Dr.
Let's cross our fingers and hope this is just swelling :)

It's been a while.....

Hey everyone!
So it's been a little over a year since I had my rhinoplasty. I have came such a long way, you could not imagine what changes your nose goes through for that entire year. Huge, uneven, I even doubted my surgeon and thought he had messed up my nose lol! It was all swelling and even though it's hard to understand, I understand now because I went through it. It got to the point that I was like, if he says its swelling one more time, i'm gonna blow up! lol! But it really was.
I will be having a minor revision on 10/30 because I have a small residual bump on my bridge so he will do what is called a "rasping procedure" it's supposed to be fast, but I still have to go under anesthesia.
I accidentally removed some pictures but I will post a few of them so you guys can see what my journey was like and what my nose looks like now. I love it.

Dr. Weinzweig is a true artist, and does great at what he does. I look up to him so much and am very very appreciated with him that he made me look "even more beautiful" (his words). He did a fantastic job on my nose and was very caring after my surgery and called me himself to follow-up. He is very patient, and answers my many questions that puts me at comfort. His staff is awesome, always there to answer my questions, and accomodate me in every way. I have nothing but GREAT things to say about him and his staff. Thank you Dr. Weinzweig for making me look beautiful, I am very very happy with my results.

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