Just Started Invisalign Journey - Chicago, IL

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I've been wanting to get a space between my...

I've been wanting to get a space between my front teeth fixed for many years. Just as a temporary fix i had some bonding done to close up the space but always felt it made my front two teeth too large. That "temporary" fix was 8 years ago! I consulted with 3 dentists and finally i decided to get a permanent fix by trying Invisalign. I just received my first set of tray yesterday. Unfortunately i'm already a little discouraged with the process.

First i was told that the buttons that would be placed on my teeth would be tiny and barely noticeable. That is about as far from the truth as anything anyone has ever told me in my life. They are big and very noticeable and unfortunately some had to be placed on my front teeth which makes them simply impossible to hide.

Second, my dentist had originally told me that they would be able to conceal the space in my teeth by gradually removing the bonding as the process went on. Yesterday i was told that when i come back in two weeks for my additional trays that the entire bonding will be removed completely exposing the gap that most people i know don't even know exists.

Third, after repeatedly asking my dentist if my payment would cover everything involved it was dropped on me yesterday that i will most likely need to wear a retainer for the rest and that will cost an additional $400.

As far as the trays themselves i have had very little problem with them. Getting them in and out has been easy and i've felt a little pressure but no pain.

In summary, my experience so far has yet to be determined. Right now i would say i am un-happy and i feel mis-lead. Will i continue? Well i spent alot of money and i want my teeth corrected so i'll most likely do what is asked but i can't at this time give a recommendation for my dentist or for the Invisalign process.

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