One month away! - Chicago, IL

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Hi all! Like everybody else, or most everyone on...

Hi all! Like everybody else, or most everyone on this site, I hate my nose. Ever since a snowball fight when I was about 6 I've noticed a small bump. As I got older the bump got larger. I've been thinking about surgery since I was about 14 but never had the money. When I was 19 I had a consultation but was not at all impressed with the surgeon. So now as I'm older and have some money saved up I'm thinking about looking into it some more. There are no really good surgeons in my area so I'm looking into going to Chicago. If anyone has any recommendations of good surgeons in the Chicago area, I'd really appreciate your help!

Surgery in one month!

Well I'm scheduled for my surgery in one month from tomorrow. Getting kind of nervous! Somewhat worried about the blood work needed for the surgery, and that although I consider myself healthy, for some reason I won't pass. Also kinda worried my nose might turn out worse than before. I'm sure all of these thoughts/worries are normal.
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