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Real self has helped me so much. Thanks to all of...

Real self has helped me so much. Thanks to all of yous who have posted your reviews and shared your experiences. I wanna add my review so that others can benefit too, just as i did.

During consultation I had several photos taken, front, side, angle view, with flash and not. First impression of Dr. Shah, very professional, attentive, listens to you and gives you his opinion, i feel that I'm in great hands. When it was time for Dr. Shash to examine me, he literary left me speechless. He described every possibly concern I had with my nose; wide bride and base, uneven nostrils, and hump. When he finished his examination he asked, anything else i didn't mention that is bothering you? I was like NO you have pretty much mentioned everything i want to get fixed lol... We went to his office and showed me my morph.
Long story short... 3 months after consultation i scheduled my surgery (i wanted to wait until the summer was almost over) Can't wait to see the new me. I'll be posting pictures soon.

Day 3 update

Hello... just wanted to share my post op pictures, day 3 to be more exact. ..

Day 1: surgery was at 11 am i was probably home by 4pm... and i gotta say that after I woke up after anesthesia I felt horrible. I was in pain and super nauseous. The nurse was very nice, she offered pain killers, which made me feel comfortable for the next hour, nausea persisted. She was also feeding me water and continuously changed my ice pack. As soon as I arrive home I took my pain pills, went straight to bed and continued to use the ice pack...
After approximately 3 hours after i arrive home i began to feel much better. At around 8pm, I stood up out of bed felt much better, pain was still there but bearable.

Tip: For nausea I kept on sucking on a lime... It help tremendously!

Day2: I started to walk more around the house. Pain was almost gone, if I felt any the pill would get rid of it right away. Bruising and swelling was at its worse, left side, under eye and cheeck included.

Day 3: No pain at all! Bruising is starting to fade, bruising continues.

I Slept the worst the firts night obviously, i cannot breathe through my nose. I've been applying arnica gel on my face and bromelain for swelling and bruising.
Here I have attached a profile and front view of day 3. I have also attached a before front view picture. I will post more pics as soon as I get my cast removed Saturday. Have a great day everyone :)

10 day post op

Hello everyone! Today I'm 10 days post op... Well, everyday things get better. My bruises are not entirely gone, my cheecks feel swollen, and obviously my nose is. At this point what bothers me the most are the stiches inside my nose. I think I forgot to mention I had an open rhinoplasty and as a result I had 3 nose incisions, one at each nostril and one at the columella. The incisions at the nostrils can't be seen, the only one I'm worried about is the incision at the columella, it's turning brownish. Hopefully it will be undetectable as the other two after sometime, it might be me just freaking out. Anyways, coming back to the stiches, they pick out, the feel very stiff and if I try to clean my nose, they hurt like crazy. I just want them to dissolve already.

I have a lot of swelling, or so I hope because my nose looks too fat. As far as my profile goes, I have mix emotions. .. one day I love it, the other not so much, I kinda wish I had had a more scooped out look.
When the cast came off this past Friday I loved what I saw. I know that the best is yet to come.Time will tell, I know is way to early to judge.

Btw, my next appointment with Dr. Shah is by the end of September. Will see how things progress till then. I'll post more pictures by the end of the month.

Have a great day everyone! !!

side view pictures

Sorry forgot to add the side view pictures

21days post surgery

Hello everyone, just wanted to share a few more pics..
Bruising is finally gone and my stitches too. As you can tell from my front view picture I have uneven swelling! My right side looks bigger compared to my left, and it gives the illusion of my nose being crooked.
There's not one day that I feel I look the same, due to swelling subsiding. Little by little I begin to see how my nose changes for the better. I know I still have a long road ahead of me, I have no regrets whatsoever.

kenalog injections

I had consultation with Dr. Shah less than 2 weeks ago. He once again took pics.... and decided that I needed kenalog injections. .They were placed at the tip and weren't too painful. I haven't posted any pictures because I'm waiting for some of the swelling to go down. Everyday my nose looks better. After the cast came off, I saw a big nose with almost no change compared to the before, but now I am beginning to see a smaller, less projected, and less bulbous nose.

a week shy from 5 months post surgery

Hello everyone, it has been a while since I last did an update. I wanted to wait a while so that i could show you a difference in appearance from month 1 to now. Unfortunately, there has been some progress but to my dismay, very minimal.
As I explained before I have uneven swelling. My right side is more swollen than my left side, therefore it gives the appearance of a crooked nose and not only that but the swollen side when looked from the side makes my nose appear longer.
My tip is still very swollen, there has not been a lot of a difference, or so I think, from month 3 to now. I have received kenalog injections in all three of my last consultations with Dr. Shah. It seems that I'm progressing in an extremely slow pace; Dr. tells me I still have a lot of swelling.
Another concern of mine, which is very obvious in picture but even more in person is my retracted left nostril!!! I, at this point are very unhappy with it. I feel like I have one HUGE nostril that you can see up my nose. My right nostril is fine. I did talk to Dr. Shah briefly about it, cause it almost seems like he is always in a rush, and he did tell me that it can be fixed. He told me, not to worry about it now, that he will take care of it later, 6-8 months post op. He mentioned going under local anesthesia and being able to fix it. As longest the final outcome is what I was promise I'm cool with it.
AM I 100% SATISFY? Well as of now, to be honest, no I am not. Do i think I will be after my retracted nostril is fixed and the swollen nose is gone? Yes, I believe so. Only time can tell. I feel like I am playing the game of patience!! If anyone that is reading this out there, do be aware that your nose is not gonna look as promise right away. Like I said I'm close to 5 months and I still have a long road ahead of me.
Things that I've notice after surgery are: feeling congested! Not all the time or everyday, but it seems congestion gets worse at night and I have now become a mouth breather !!!
Another thing, today I may see that my nose looks slenderer than yesterday and the next morning I am back to a fat looking nose. I don't now why this happens but it does. Super swollen one day not so much the next and back to the swollen nose. Rhinoplasty to me has been a roller coaster, I have my good and bad days.
Until next time, hopefully by the end of march, when I again see Dr. Shah.

20 months update w upcoming in office procedure

Well It has been 20 months now since my surgery... I am not 100 % happy... This upcoming thurday he's doing an in office procedure to try to fix my nostrils they are uneven and my left nostril is retracted. I had never had breathing problems in my life and now I do.... He says is seasonal, but I know its not cause no spray helps w the breathing. As you can see from the picture One side looks fatter or more bolbous than the other and I doubt he's going to fix that in his office. Any ways sorry it took me so long to update. If you guys have any q don't hesitate to ask.



Well I'm back... I went to my appt on Nov 8... Guess what?! he thinks my nose looks good! Lmfao he said he will be fixing my nostrils ( again) cause apparently everything else looks good When ? Idk since I don't get to see him again until May! But believe me, I will ask him for a revision, just fixing my nostrils is not gonna cut it !

Update 2 yrs

Here is an update! Do you see what I see? I'm gonna wait and see what he does for me in May? May be he is right and I'm the one obsessing over my nose. Fyi he said that he will work on my nostrils ( in office) because the rest of my nose looks great. But I'm not happy ... Time will tell, I started this journey two years ago btw and till working on it

He's fixing my nose

I saw him yesterday, I couldn't wait until May! It has been so long already since my sx that I just want to get this over with. I have been so unhappy with my results, that yesterday before I said anything, Dr Shah mention fixing my nose, because he was unhappy with my results! I was like yeeey! Lol... Anyways he gave me 3 options
1. To get collagen injections to see if the would help ! ( I was like no thank you, he has been giving me those for the past 2 yrs and I look the same)
2. Do an office procedure where he would fix my nostrils, and address the right side of my nose, which is the side that looks fat still!
3. Go under the knife .. Fix everything mentions above plus refine my tip!

I have schedule my office procedure Sept 13... But here I'm trying to debate if going under the knife is better or not... I mean, doing the in office procedure would fix the concerns I have now... But at the same time I feel that If I fix only that, I'm gonna regret later on not refining my tip.. But then again, I'm afraid to go through all this all over again... And what if what if trying to make my nose perfect I end up fcking it up ....

Anyways, I have time to think about it. For now I have schedule the in office procedure in which my current concerns are going to be fixed! I will try my best to keep you updated
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Dr. Shah was very professional, attentive, understands your needs and doesn't give you false expectations.

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