My Tummy Tuck Journey - Chicago, IL

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Well, for a year now I have been bouncing around...

Well, for a year now I have been bouncing around the idea of having a tummy tuck. I have never had children, but I have lost 50 lbs. my weights has fluctated throughout the years but this is the first time i have stuck to a healthy lifestyle and I want to reap the benefits.. So I made the decision and im doing it! I also decided to get an arm lift. These two areas of my body have always depressed me. I cant wear sleevless or tank top type shirts because my figure , no matter what weight has always been unflattering. I was opting for a breast lift, but a few reasons why I held off. First, though it would be nice to have a nicer chest along with a nice tummy... My breast have never hindered me from feeling sad. They arent small, just a little saggy. NOt enough for me to be displeased with them. THereore, I will hold off. I guess Im not that

Just about 6 weeks left before my surgery. Its...

Just about 6 weeks left before my surgery. Its getting so close. I really want to mentally prepare myself for it, but Im not sure how. I know Im going to be super nervous the week prior. Hopefully I dont have a breakdown on surgery day. I have my pre op visit in 4 weeks. I have been stressing about money while Im recovering, but the Lord works in mysterious ways. I just got a huge bonus from work and found out I have more vacation time then i realized, So all that in the finance department is covered. It makes me feel like this really was a good decision so far. Within these next 6 weeks, im shooting to lose about 10 lbs. Its pretty difficult the closer you get to your goal, but I want to do it so bad. I will be posting pics soon of my before. does anyone have any advice on what to do to prepare mentally and perhaps material wise, what i need to have? any advice is appreciated! Also, just wanted to add, the 16,500 isnt just for tummy tuck.. it includes, and armlift, lipo on abdomen, thighs, axilla, and flanks. plus all the anesthesia, and facility costs.
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I will tell you. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! Despise how excited and eager I may have been to get rid of this saggy skin.. There was no way I was just going to go to any old surgeon that google searched for me! I am still flabbergasted at some of the patients that have these horror stories, only to find out, they didnt do enough investigation, ask enough questions, and just do the right homework. THis is your body, not a new hair color!! If you get your hair messed up, it wont cost you as much to fix it and it sure as heck isnt going to be as hard to fix. The best advice I can give you, is listen to your heart. LIsten to your gut feeling!!! IF you dont feel comfortable with a dr, .. no matter how great the credentials seem... Just keep searching for enough opinions that may help you decide who is right for you. I Met with 4 drs.. i ran out on one of them! Hey, my gut said get out! I was reccomended by a friend of mine to see one dr, who did reconstructive surgery on her breasts. After seeing his website and doing a lot of research on him. I decided to make an appointment. When I met him, I instantly liked him right away. I knew he would be the one I chose. I havent had the surgery yet, So i shouldnt blow up my head to high, but from his mannerisms, his informative consultation, patients, and professionalism, I feel a sense of safety.

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