About To Get Water Lipo/Laser Lipo On Abdomen and Hips W/ Fat Transfer To Buttock - Chicago, IL

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I am a petite woman 5'1" 115lbs however I have an...

I am a petite woman 5'1" 115lbs however I have an awkward pooch in my lower stomach from a prior 5lb weight gain (Geez talk about not being able to gain an inch huh). I also have an hourglass figure that stores all my fat in the love handles and the lower stomach. For the past 3 years I have been too embarrassed to wear a bikini. The final straw was when I saw photos of myself from vacation with my fiancee and I looked like fat lumpy mess. I work out 3x a week with a trainer and I diet however it is my SHAPE that is the problem not my weight. I have previously been down to 105 and this is my ideal weight but even at that weight I still store every bit of fat in these 2 problem areas. I also have a flat spot in one buttock (genetics) that makes my butt uneven from my profile. My lipo is 1 month away and I am really nervous after reading many bad experiences from petite thin women having lipo and having lumps or their bodies ruined. I also havent heard alot of reviews about my doctor but I know hes very popular and booked out a month in advance. I am going to document my experience! I am paying extra for IV Sedation because I am so nervous and DO NOT want to be watching and awake for this!

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