23 Year Old Mother of Two - Chicago, IL

I have just started getting laser treatments after...

I have just started getting laser treatments after my second child. I have a bad habit of gaining to much weight during pregnancy my first I gained 60+ lbs which gave me a lot of unsightly stretch marks on my stomach. I did not get any stretchmarks with my second but it made them more defined thankfully I do not have much extra skin. I want an honest opinion of what I can expect with laser treatment. I have lost all of my baby weight down to 140 lbs I am 5'7 work out 4-6 days a week I use stretch mark creams and dermaroller. My skin takes 2+ years of continuous physical activity bounce back after baby.

Pictures before and after.

I have only had one treatment so far I go back on the 13th. Stomach looks and feels more firm have not noticed a difference in the stretchmarks just yet. They are about 5 years old they will be harder to wkrk with. The doctor says I will need 4 to 5 treatments at $250.00 a treatment.

Second treatment

I didn't not really notice any difference after my first treatment I had my second treatment done on 5/13 I have noticed a slight after my second my stretchmarks are more smooth and my belly is a little tighter. I am 6 months post partum with my second child so I do expect my belly to become more firm with time. My third treatment is scheduled on 6/26.

Starting to notice results


I'm becoming increasingly more anxious to go to my next treatment I am truly loving the results I feel like I will be wearing my two piece swimsuit soon enough.
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