Juvederm 24 Still There After 3 Years - Chicago, IL

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I had juvederm injected into my lips when i was...

i had juvederm injected into my lips when i was 23, im now 26 and the product is still there not all of it, but still there.

i remember the day i went to see my dermotologist, she told me that this is temporary and it would go away in a year max so i thought well i have thin lips so why not?! its harmless let me try something different and maybe just maybe for once in my life i feel hot or i dunna pretty.

i did a bit of research and finally decided to do it. i really liked the results in the begining but now its been 3 years and im concerned, every night i keep reading about juvederm's long term effects and what would eventually happen. i still do like the results but i dont like having to think about what might happen.

i really believe that doctors should tell us that it might stay longer than a year :( i just hope that my body dissolves it soon. is there anyone out there that had juvederm in their lips that lasted this long?

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she didnt tell me it might last this long and she also didnt warn me about the rare complications that might happen.

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