Badly Swollen and Inflamed Hyularonic Acid Fill - Chicago, IL

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I had a small touch up .7 c.c.s of deep seen in my...

I had a small touch up .7 c.c.s of deep seen in my cheeks. Looked great no swelling or bruising. 10 days later after I slept on the left side I awoke to some some swelling. By that evening it was worse and the next day Was so bad I went to the doctor. She gave me antibiotics. Next day so swollen my eye was partially shut. Stiffness all the way to my lower cheek. Went to E.R. I was so swollen that a Vatican was ordered and blood tested for infection. No infection found. Given via IV antibiotics and benadryl and predisone. Left with prescriptions for all.

3 days later almost all of swelling and purple or red color gone. By the next morning badly swollen and red again. Had swelling way down then next day bad again. Plastic surgeon drained 1 full cc of yellow fluid and .5 cc of blood. Sent to lab. He says he wants to surgically remove the 2+ cc of H.A. and a small solid silicone implant planted against the bone for 12yrs. Should I do it. He refuses to use hyularonadase to dissolve the grange whig I felt under my eye the first day. Any ideas on what to do?.6

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