23, Neck/Back/Skin/Shoulder Pain - Chicago, IL

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As the first one as a teenager to have DD boobs,...

As the first one as a teenager to have DD boobs, puberty got me REAL good.

I was a DDD/E (the size varies) by my junior year of high school, stuffing my oversized boobs into bras that were too small for me-- unable to accept my big-boobed status. By the time I was a junior in college and had lost weight, gained a little, then lost a little more (back and forth, back and forth!) I knew I really had to start contemplating my options as far as breast reduction went, since I didn't lose any weight in my chest region.

After extremely painful shoulder divots, under boob rashes, lower back pain, shoulder stiffness, and neck pains so bad they made me cry, it's freaking TIME. I've graduated college, and I'm ready to live out the rest of my twenties (and life) without hating my body for causing me pain, and start being able to wear any damn bra I want.

My consultation is scheduled with Dr. Lawrence Iteld in Chicago for Wednesday the 31st, and I'm so very excited to hear all about my options on my road to a smaller chest.
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